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Pitiful Reign - Visual Violence (CD)

Pitiful Reign
Visual Violence
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 23 February 2009, 11:36 AM

Even though this album was not on time for its appointment with Metal Temple, after listening to it I think it was worth the wait. PITIFUL REIGN is one of the bands you rarely come across nowadays. They are the classic case that tries to keep a specific kind of Metal alive, but manage to do it incredibly well. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for a great dose of Thrash Metal!

Hailing from the UK, a place that has completely disappointed me with the lack of quality Metal releases, though having a glorious history in the Metal scene, PITIFUL REIGN kick some ass with their sophomore full-length album and their Punishment 18 debut. Having earned some fans with their self financed debut album Toxic Choke, they now return with a brand new album and the support of a record label.

What I faced in Visual Violence was surely something I didn't expect at all! It is one of those times you are prepared to listen to one more boring Thrash Metal band with shitty riffs and a screamer behind the microphone, but something is different… You press the PLAY button and a huge punch comes out of your speakers to make your nose bleed and show you that if you look around you, you can still find quality Thrash Metal!

From the very first song of this album, the band grabs you by the nuts with incredible guitar work full of catchy Bay Area style riffs and a singer that has a classic Thrash Metal throat (at last)! Reminding me a lot of bands like FORBIDDEN, VIO-LENCE and RAZOR, the British quintet delivers an ultra heavy assault that will make you need several days to overcome the shock they'll have caused you. Let me note here that they were voted as the 3rd best UK unsigned act in Terrorizer magazine and have stepped on the stage of Bloodstock Open Air.

If you add the crystal clear and really heavy sound their music features and the fact that the approximately 38 minutes of this album won't make you get bored at all (on the contrary you will listen to the album over and over again) you have a brilliant classic Thrash Metal work by some talented musicians that deserve to conquer many stages out there. Nothing modern or unique here, only passionate and honest Thrash Metal.

Note: Britton left the band and has been replaced by Danny Banks.

4 Star Rating

Visual Violence
Human Coleslaw
Malevolence Of The Butcher
Rapid Deployment
Push To prime
Thrash Boobs And Zombies
Josh Callis Smith - Vocals
Alan Pusby - Guitar
Nev Britton - Guitar
Matt Walker - Bass
Tom Small - Drums
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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