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Plague Weaver - Through the Sulphur Eyes

Plague Weaver
Through the Sulphur Eyes
by James Brizuela at 17 February 2020, 11:34 PM

PLAGUE WEAVER is a solo black metal project from Canada. Originally formed in 2018. In 2019, they released their debut EP, “Plague Weaver”. Now the vile black metal outfit have returned to the fold with their brand-new EP, “Through the Sulfur Eyes”.

There is a creepy and uneasy feeling that emanates from the music of PLAGUE WEAVER. The guitar riffing is elevated by the doom like drum cadences that accompany them. I found myself entranced by the doubling up of the vocals on the tracks. There is a vile harrowing high pitch scream that is coupled with some gutturals. Normally not something you hear all the time, and I can honestly say that I was into it. The doom elements of the black metal add a nice touch to the overall sound of the EP. The music does not need to be overly fast for you to feel the gut punch from the elements presented throughout.

The opening and title track for the EP, “Through the Sulfur Eyes”, comes in deeply with the atmospheric elements of dread. I really appreciate the doom sound that PLAGUE WEAVER brings into their music. Especially the fact that you can differentiate between all the instrumentation. The vocal power does not drown out the instruments and vise versa. “The Traveller” follows suit with the balanced sound of vile black metal and doom metal. The tempo and riffing pick up a bit in this track though, you can also hear a deeper leaning on the higher pitched vocals. At first, “Descent” comes in with a much higher tempo, almost thrash-like in nature, before returning to the doom and black metal sound.

What is interesting about this track is there seems to be a higher quality sound and guitar prominence. As the EP continues, you can hear the overall quality of the sound go up. There is also a jump in the sound in “Unchained”. What I love about this track is the returning to a more sped up tempo that creates a more well-rounded sound, there is also an impressive guitar solo throw in to boot. “Alchemy” caps off the album returning to the black metal prowess that exits throughout the EP.

Through the Sulfur Eyes” is a solid EP. Though there are some fumbles with songs that end abruptly, the overall sound that is achieved is impressive. You can actually hear the music mature as the EP continues. PLAGUE WEAVER has an interesting doom-like black metal sound that works well with layered deep and high-pitched vocals. I think fans of doom metal and black metal aficionados will appreciate this one.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Through the Sulfur Eyes
2. The Traveler
3. Descent
4. Unchained
5. Alchemy
RM – All Instrumentals
Record Label: Independent


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