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Plaguebreeder - Annihilation Award winner

by Keith Ham at 17 January 2021, 5:32 PM

Plaguebreeder immediately puts the message of “Annihilation” out there - a rather self-explanatory view on the destruction of humanity, living organisms, and perhaps just everything in general. Everything must go. And, though a mere five tracks, there is almost as much reference to and vivid depictions of decimation as your run of the mill Cannibal Corpse album - albeit, on a thermonuclear scale!

As much as I tried to draw comparisons to other groups - hearing a hint of Behemoth here and there, maybe some Dimmu Borgir in the vocals (and some Septicflesh?), or Immortal even - there really was no exact distinction when it comes to influences. It seems as if Plaguebreeder has done what many bands have struggled with for quite some time: successfully plucking the elements of death and black metal to form a sound wholly awesome and my god is it glorious. From “Root of Extinction’ to ‘The Arrival of Fire,” listeners are going to be in for a thunderous and unrelenting journey. The vocal variety on its own is baffling, running amok with so many notable death and black metal styles that it seems nearly impossible for all of these from even a few individuals. How vocalist Ardeath apparently balances this whilst playing bass guitar is beyond me. Luckily, guitarist Klaath and drummer Kalmisto are able to conjure a large enough sound to support such a powerful vocalist.

Whilst “Root Of Extinction” may have gotten its own video and look to be the track of “Annihilation” that the band has chosen to promote the most - I would have to say, my personal favorite is actually “Children of War.”. The rest of the EP had been excellent, but until this song I hadn’t really felt the ‘energy’ of it all. Children of War really got me into the music, had me making a fool of myself as I sat mouthing ‘War! Glorious War!’ next to my baffled family. I just had to give it a few more listens before moving on.

A genre crossing EP that’ll have you headbanging about the complete annihilation of humanity! Plaguebreeder’s “Annihilation” is a fantastic album that’ll keep your blood pumping. War! Glorious War!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Dawn of the Thermonuclear Era (Intro)
2. The Root of Extinction
3. I Believe in Misanthropy
4. Children of War
5. The Arrival of Fire
Ardeath - Vocals, bass, orchestra
Klaath - Guitar
Kalmisto - Drums
Record Label: Inverse Records Finland


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