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Planchettes – The Truth Award winner

The Truth
by Caio Botrel at 24 December 2019, 11:35 PM

PLANCHETTES is a Rock N' Roll band from New Orleans, the city that created Jazz, but don't think that it's what you're going to hear. They have recently released their debut album "The Truth" and its pure 70's Rock N' Roll and all the vibe you can get from it… Let's chat about that.

The opening song from the album is "Snow Pig" and it starts out with a cool drums and a guitar riff that are followed by amazing bass lines that gave the song a whole new dynamic and groovy. The vocals fit really well. "Mourning Sun" starts out with a very cool guitar riff and its a very funny song. There's a cool bass and drums work over here. "Let's Last Forever" has a cool start with the bass and a guitar that follows its lines. The percussion here is really cool and reminded me a lot of the old 70's bands.

"Wet Graves" starts out with a cool electronic sound and the song hits you right in the face as it seems to be more fast and dynamic than the previous ones. I'm impressed by how the vocals sounds on this one, it's really good and there's a funny guitar solo. "The Truth" starts out with a very cool guitar riff and really dynamic drums and bass. This song has cool ambiance changes and the part where the guitar solo starts to play is really good and inspiring. There's some vocals that reminded me of LED ZEPPELIN.

"She's So Violent" starts with an aggressive guitar sound that slowly grows into something heavier and the vocals here are more aggressive as well. The guitar work is really good. "Death In Bloom" has a really good sound and its more bluesy than the previous songs. It has a nice groovy and it was the perfect touch for this song. "Empress of Fools" starts out with cool drums and some really funny guitar riffs that are followed by even funniest bass lines and drums. The vocals here sound a little bit more aggressive as well and there's something that feels like they're protesting.

"Everyone Else" is the perfect kind of Rock N' Roll song that you would listen back in the 70's era. There's a great vibe here and it even feels more metal as they used more distortion on the guitar. The guitar solo here is really good and the musical background is great. "La Fin Du Monde" is a very funny song and there's some cool female backing vocals on this one, which gave the song a different dynamic. There's a very dancing kind of vibe and it feels great. "Angel's Wing" is the song that closes the album and it starts out with a cool guitar riff, bass and drums as well that are supported by the soft vocals. This song has a really far east kind of sound and its maintained the level.

PLANCHELETTES has written and recorded a great album with a lot of 70's rock influence and sound on it. I'm surprised by how those guys managed to write something with that ambiance these days. They sound great and I recommend this album for all the Rock N' Roll fans out there.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Snow Pig
2. Mourning Sun
3. Let’s Last Forever
4. Wet Graves
5. The Truth
6. She’s So Violent
7. Death In Bloom
8. Empress of Fools
9. Everyone Else
10. La Fin Du Monde
11. Angel’s Wing
Kevan – Guitars
Tra – Bass
Andres – Vocals and Drums
Record Label: Independent


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