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Planistry - Confucktion

by Cullen Baldridge at 26 November 2019, 10:41 PM

PLANISTRY is a band from Lappeenranta Helsinki, they have been around since 2014, they classify the band as Modern and Alternative, I'm not exactly knowing what to expect, I guess I will get to listening.

"The Riddle" is basically a cool Intro. "Two Words" is mellow and seems to be built off of a Punk/Alternative Foundation with some mellow Rock riffs, it has a modern day Theatrical Rock feel to it. "Guilty Ones" has a RANCID type vibe going on, it has some talented guitars pushing the vocals, the intro is nothing short of amazing, the entire song is entertaining. "Worth To Take" starts out kind of dark and theatrical, It has some cool guitars and breaks away into more traditional vocals and switches back and forth between the two vocal techniques throughout.

"Man On The Moon" had me going to YouTube because I thought It was a STRAY CATS cover and still feel like it is but couldn't find it, If you are a fan of the STRAY CATS, you should check this song out. "Open Road" has some acoustics and harmonica going on with the normal PLANISTRY somewhat unique vocals. "On And Off" begins with some cool bass lines and the other instruments join in soon with a funk type of vibe going on. "Calm Down" has cool laid back guitars and melodramatic vocals, uniquely woven together to make the song interesting, "Totem Heads" reminds me of a mellow version of Bruce Dickerson of IRON MAIDEN type vocals, actually when it comes down to it, a lot of the vocals on this album does, "on The Way" takes it down a notch with a beautiful intro, adding some horns to make the tune even more impressive, it's a slow tranquil song, "The Real Deal" seems to carry on the vibe of the previous but picks up somewhat along the way and has a David Bowie feel to it.

"Confucktion" is very well put together for the type of music it is and has a Bowie, MAIDEN feel with the rawness of bands like RANCID .

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Riddle
2. Two Words
3. Guilty Ones
4. Worth To Take
5. Man On The Moon
6. Open Road
7. On And Off
8. Calm Down
9. Totem Heads
10. On The Way
11. The Real Deal
JP Suomalainen - Vocals
Tarmo "TT" Tikkinen - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Lauri Mustamss - Guitar
Juho Kroke Krouvi - Drums
And so Lohko - Bass
Record Label: Inverse Records


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