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Plastic Tears - Angels With Attitude

Plastic Tears
Angels With Attitude
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 01 August 2018, 2:10 AM

PLASTIC TEARS is a Finnish rock band founded in 1992 in Helsinki. The lineup has seen some changes through the years, and this band has seen it all. Splitting up on stage, fighting through the 90's when bands with a rock 'n' roll image were considered scum of the earth, lineup changes, being dropped by their old record label, gigs with THE CULT, Andy McCoy etc., making debauched appearances on TV, finally getting good response from the major media, great gigs, staying true to their own style and coming back stronger than ever, just when everyone thought the band is gone!

The first official release from the band was the “Velvet Flame” single in 1994 on Megamania Records. Their debut album, “Stranded in Rock ’n’ Roll,” was released in 2000. Soon after this, the band went on hiatus for a couple of years before getting back together and releasing their second album, “Nine Lives Never Dies,” in 2009. In 2016, the band released a new three track EP called “Rhythm Rider.” They have recently released a new full-length, titled “Angels With Attitude,” that we are reviewing today. The album contains eleven tracks.

If you’re an older Metalhead like myself, you lived through the rise and fall of Glam bands as it happened. I enjoyed most of them, and there are far too many to name. At some point however it did become excessive, and all good things must come to an end as the saying goes. What did we like most about Glam? For me it wasn’t much about the image, though some of the get-ups were indeed spectacles that we would try to copy to look tough. It was mostly about the hooks, because let’s face it, there were plenty of them and many were monstrously big to boot. It was also about the fun, the spirit, the excess and the attitude.

So, how does a band that formed at the very time the Grunge monster arose from the cellar and killed the Glam monster who was so much bigger? Fortunately, Grunge was just a fad that enjoyed a very short heyday, and some of the strongest bands and those with great resolve did survive, and today, it’s cool again. Was it THE DARKNESS who spearheaded the second wave? STEEL PANTHER doesn’t hurt the cause either. But let’s get to PLASTIC TEARS and their newest full-length in nine years.

“Dark Passenger” kicks us off, with a sleazy guitar riff and charismatic vocals. A toe-tapping rhythm combines with some riff variations and a big chorus to create an energetic and raunchy feeling. “Secret Society” has some elements in the song that remind me of CHEAP TRICK at times. It’s a mid-tempo groove with an easy-listening sound and a memorable chorus. The bluesy lead break harkens back to the time when music wasn’t about labeling or overly complex. Just sit back and enjoy. “Midnight Date” flirts with the Punk genre a bit with a fast pace, and some entertaining vocals who’s sometimes corny delivery is actually endearing in the whole of the song.

“Nuclear Nights” has a tender charm; the story about a girl whose road has come to an end but it’s all about living in the here and now. It’s a little melancholy but also spirited at the same time. “Blue Angel” is a story about a street-hardened girl who never crawled out of the pile and just wants to return home. It’s a fun and energetic tale that moves quickly in pace and has accessible harmonies that stick with you. “Headless Army” is about the loss of individualism and a “sheep to the slaughter” viewpoint on what people are willing to accept without using their brains for reasoning. The song has some good hooks and an anthemic quality to push the message.

“Miss Stumbling Legs” is an ode to the days that I am sure many Glam bands have experienced after gigs…waking up to a visitor who spent the night and had just a few too many. It’s a jovial and upbeat song with some tongue-in-cheek elements and a FASTER PUSSYCAT vibe for me. “Universal Kid” closes the album. It wraps up perhaps the story of the ups and downs that the band have faced throughout their career, with a “will to fight and carry on” attitude in the music. Make a place for the revival of PLASTIC TEARS in the Glam/Hard Rock genre today, because they produced an excellent album here with “Angels With Attitude,” that is full of confidence, charm, great melodies and a care-free attitude. May their story continue!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Dark Passenger
2. Secret Society
3. Iris Kick
4. Midnight Date
5. Rhythm Rider
6. Nuclear Nights
7. Blue Angel
8. Day by Day
9. Headless Army
10. Miss Stumbling Legs
11. Universal Kid
Miqu December – Vocals
Eco Xtasy – Drums
Andy – Guitar
Edu – Bass
Juha Pietiläinen – Guitar
Record Label: City of Lights Records


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Edited 06 December 2021

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