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Plateau Sigma – The True Shape Of Eskatos Award winner

Plateau Sigma
The True Shape Of Eskatos
by Bränisläv Stänojević at 11 March 2015, 11:41 AM

Have you ever felt the melancholia itself? Have you ever been in to the dark side of human mind, human needs, an urge of acceptment and socialism? Are you familiar with a state of your inner self where there's nothing but a rain and greyness around? A bogged soil below your foot-steps onto the whilted leaves, a misty day where hope and daylight emerged into farness? If not, this four-men band is the one, the one who is going to predict your asking, read out your soul and give you an utter oblivion.

PLATEAU SIGMA has risen in the Autumn of 2010, placed in Ventimiglia, Italy. "Driven by one simple ambition: to unite the verb primordial death and doom metal to the rarefied and sensual atmospheres of new wave of dark rock ", as they are describing themselves. "The True Shape Of Eskatos" is second album in the upcoming era of these Funereally shaped Doom-ers, with an ease of depression wrapped into a sweet taste of Atmospheric, even Post-Metal sound. Co-working with vast of artists they labeled this deed in last September, and they all have fulfilled the assignment.

Orchestral epochs within the verses of heavy tunes, slightly dosed with acoustic elements are thrilling and tearing myself apart, I must say. This whole album is covered in veil of darkness and grief, pain, painful mourn of human tragedy in times of rage, yet forgiveness; yes indeed, it shall show you the placed hidden in your depths of your heart, call upon the forgotten one and you will freaking love that.

Do not call me a masochistic for my words, do not judge the emotion PLATEAU SIGMA cleansing me with, it is music alright, it is a passion, and it's a creation of inner release. This dance of ups and downs is forged by many great artists, some of them detailed the finest stops of "The True Shape Of Eskatos", brought a huge talent and laid it down here.

I would love to point out a song\\songs that marked themselves above others, but then I would disrespect further accomplishments, and I hate being rude and egoistic bastard. The variation of clean singing, heavy riffs and growling gazed my soul, opened my chest and polluted my body; the combo of acoustic parts and female backing vocals, a gloomy rhythm, entering and closing along songs is amazing. Speaking out as a total groupy you'll say, but is there any other attribute I could use to make a brighter, or in this case doomer image to you? Maybe, but I will lave that to you. Be free, feel the darkness of generic senses, be open-minded/willing to let the sweeping metallers's talent named under PLATEAU SIGMA into your head.

5 Star Rating

1. The Initiation
2. Satyriasis and the Autumn Ends
3. Stalingrad
4. Ordinis Supernova Sex Horarum
5. The River 1917
6. Angst
7. Amber Eyes
Manuel Vicari – Guitars, Vocals
Francesco Genduso – Guitars, Vocals
Maurizio Avena – Bass
Nino Zuppardo – Drums, Percussion
Record Label: Beyond Productions


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