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Pleasure Maker - Dancin' With Danger

Pleasure Maker
Dancin' With Danger
by Tiffini Taylor at 11 July 2018, 12:30 PM

PLEASURE MAKER the band name says it all. This is a great band and even though the name sounds more like the name of a sex toy, they are talented musicians. The first track is also the name of the album  titled “Dancin’ with Danger” a high powered song. The guitar is well-played. The vocals are good. The lyrics are sexy. The guitar solo is sexy. This is a song that is good and danceable too. “On the Other Side of Midnight” a roaring guitar at the start makes any song good. The guitar in this song is good. The song itself is kind of sad. It is good but lyrics can make one cry. The guitar solo in this is pretty good. There is something magical about good guitars in songs. ”Flesh and Blood” the name of this song sounds like it belongs in a horror movie. It is nothing like a scary movie though. It is a good rock song that would be good coming from a car radio and just driving. This is the road trip song, feel the need to add it to travel playlist. A catchy tune to sing along to.

“Out There” big drums in the beginning, followed by smooth guitar. Nice way to start any song. The lyrics are nice and the vocals are great. This is just a good song. A song about searching for something, something that we all want in our lives. “Matter of Feelings” slow and melodic. It is what can be known as a rock ballad. It is incredible. Good lyrics and vocals. Can make one cry for sure. This is a tear-jerker. Another with good guitar and drums. The last song on this album is “She’s Gone too Far” a powerful beginning and song. It is one of those that is unexpectedly good and catchy. This is one to dance and get crazy to. That is a good thing. A drum beat that carries throughout with a tap the foot feel to it. The guitar is one that is sexy and the solo is sexier. This is just good. The entire album is just good. Rock on!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Dancin’ with Danger
2. Chains of Love
3. It ain’t about Love
4. On the other side of Midnight
5. Rock the Night Away
6. Flesh and Blood
7. Lonely is the Night
8. Out There
9. Never Look Back
10. Matter of Feelings
11. Runnin’ out of Time
12. She’s Gone too Far
Alex Meister- Guitars and Backing Vocals
C. Marshall- Vocals
Andy Starr- Bass and Backing Vocals
Sandro Rossi- Keyboards
Adriano Morais- Drums and Backing Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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