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Pleasure Maker - Love On The Rocks (CD)

Pleasure Maker
Love On The Rocks
by Grigoris Chronis at 25 February 2007, 8:41 AM

A Brazilian band offers an album 'circulated' by a Japanese record label, while the music 'taste' deals (mostly) with American 80s 'hair' Metal. Isn't this the meaning of globalization? Let aside the fact a band member bearing the 'Sant'anna' surname…Thankfully, PLEASURE MAKER - turning now to a serious conversation - managed to help me write something more than a 'gimmick' intro.
Once upon a time there was a BON JOVI cover band located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Its name: NEW JERSEY (tell me about it…). Reaching 2001, the deed was done for PLEASURE MAKER to set their town on fire by getting their latin asses down to write some fascinating LA Rock-influenced stuff. Boasting musicians with enough of experience - C. Marshall in FUGITIVOS DE TOQUIO, Alex Meister in THOTEN and Mark Sant'anna in countless pop/Rock bands in Rio De Janeiro - their first full-length (a strictly self-financed affort) did more than good in the Latin countries; Japan's Spiritual Beast label got an eye on the 'basic' trio and it was a matter of time for Love On The Rocks to receive some large-scale credit - at least, we hope so…
Bands that do not live in a Rock/Metal sub-genre's 'native' country, have 'extreme' possibilities to make something familiar. Be it the foreign language, they daily approach of what you're singing about or - in a broader extend - the appropriate label cooperation, noone can predict what the result may be. On the other hand, Brazil has carried a tremendous legacy over the years in providing the Hard & Heavy world with tons of excellent bands/artists. Can PLEASURE MAKER ride the same alley?
Let's start by stating that Just Thinkin' About U was nominated as 'Song Of The Year' in 2005 on (maybe the most well-informed AOR/Melodic Rock/Hard Rock website/portal on the Net today). Thus, my initial 'relation' to the album was this specific tune: a wonderful slow-tempo 'moody' cut with some splendid guitar melodies and 'touching' singing. The idea of an all-'I-die-for-you' album crossed my mind; melodic music is good but you need some good amount of hardockin' killers to break loose; didn't most of the 80s 'LA scene' bands act respectively? One (or two) ballads, two straightforward speedy demonoids and a rest portion of mid-tempo groovy 'hair' Metal cuts. The same goes for PLEASURE MAKER; and they do deliver something more than a (simply) interesting album. The sound, the mixing 'approach', the guitars of Meister, the vocals of Marshall…it all goes back to the days when bands like DOKKEN, RATT, (Hysteria's) DEF LEPPARD, VAN HALEN, DANGER DANGER, SLAUGHTER, Mr. BIG and WINGER ruled the media. This simple. Special notice should be made for the work of Meister in this album. Simply fantastic (regarding inspiration, technique, sound, soloing…everything), following the valuable 'lessons' of stunning axemen of the genre such as George Lynch, Ronnie Le Tekro, Vinnie Vincent and Andy Timmons.
Love On The Rocks is valuable for the respective followers. It is the true 'novel' of a hard working band; PLEASURE MAKER have inserted faith in every single detail in this album and - bearing in mind it is their one and only debut till now - I cannot keep out of my mind the possibility of an even better follow-up; a successor that will definitely deliver a 'gold' key…thumbs up all the way!

4 Star Rating

Fast N/ Wild
Out Of Control
Just Thinkin/ About U
Hard 2 Say Goodbye
Pleasure Maker
Know How
Stay With Me
Only A Dream
Neon Stars
Give It All
Open Your Eyes
Face 2 Face
C. Marshall - Vocals
Alex Meister - Guitars & Vocals
Mark Sant'anna - Bass
Adriano Morais - Drums
Sidney Sohn - Keyboards
Record Label: Spiritual Beast


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