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Plector - Punishment Day

Punishment Day
by Salvador Aguinaga II at 27 December 2012, 3:06 PM

PLECTOR is like an annoying friend but the more you hang out with them you find out that they’re alright and make you feel happy inside. The prior description is how I felt about "Punishment" Day under Discouraged Records. If someone were to continue PANTERA’s legacy I’d deem these guys. In the mainstream metal world that misplaced honor seemed to unconsciously fall under the wing of LAMB OF GOD. I disagree fully as the latter is mediocre at best. PLECTOR however has the essence of PANTERA but it branches out more and realizes its potential. It’s like a son a father is proud of for following their own dreams even if there was an initial disagreement. A legacy should not be mimicry but carrying the roots and growing into who you want to be.

"Punishment" is a surprise in the least. I’m very fond of Killhelm’s drumming. It starts out as ferocious pounding but then it articulates into something more, something with substance and creative artistic ability. The production seemed to be a bit discouraging but as time progressed I realized that it was perfect. A nice thick rounded sound that brings out PLECTOR’s potential. Patrik Wall’s bass playing is mesmerizing, gawking at the stupendous well-structured organization of each song. It’s like a stronghold and the walls of the fortress are impenetrable. During the guitar solos, the bass plays a sexy tune that your ears are just getting double penetration.

Their sound is just terrific. It’s not swift thrash but trashy riffs that sink in and let you take hold of the melody. In addition, grooves that curve the sound to an exquisite shape of glory. Death Metal prowess justified into making it an excellent cup of Death / Thrash On “Dishonesty” they even make a great effort in making use of black metal elements. “To Be Punished” builds momentum and releases it an such a great display of excruciating power. I couldn’t help but headbang fiercely.

Seeing as they are from Sweden they do have that alleged sound this country is known for. Which is great since I’ve never heard a Thrash Metal band have a sound in league with all the other death metal bands that inhabit it. I definitely recommend PLECTOR if you are a fan of DISMEMBER, OVERKILL, and of course PANTERA. It’s such a shame they disbanded this year. I wish them all the best and thank them for creating the melody- filled powerhouse, "Punishment Day".

4 Star Rating

1. Overthrown
2. Insularity
3. No Reward
4. Dishonesty
5. To be Punished
6. Postal
7. Take the Hit
8. The Ending
9. Devotion
Killhelm- Drums
Erik Beardmuff - Guitars, Vocals
Patrik Wall - Bass, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Discouraged Records


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