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Pleonexia - Break All Chains

Break All Chains
by Itzik Rubin at 24 December 2013, 3:42 PM

PLEONEXIA, an Italian band awkwardly setting itself as Philosophic Metal brand, has been lead by Michele Da Pila, and has been around, as it would seem at least, as means or a tool for providing Da Pila a placement on stage for his own musical expressions. You might not recognize it as a band exactly, but a sort of project or better stated as a one man band attempt.

The debut album, which goes by the name of "Break All Chains", via Pure Underground Records, is practically a mind-numbing listening experience, and believe me people that I am not being harsh about it at all as you would witness for yourselves after listening to this album. PLEONEXIA sound like MANOWAR or MANILLA ROAD with their Epic Metal tryouts, and one thing that will set the record straight for them is the fact that they appeared to be trying to innovate, however, as it turned out they failed miserably. Frankly, it was tough for me, a Metalhead that appreciates this kind of Metal, and the arts of 80’s derived Heavy Metal in general, to find myself throughout the tracklist, it was like stumbling through a wall, waiting for the ache to cease its affliction.

No doubt that the effort of forging this material is there, on the other hand, I believe that prior to its release, this album should have been self-tested by closer peers of the band. It feels that in order to create an Epic Metal album, the band needs to find a way to provide vibrant points in order to entice the listener on following their storyline. Hopefully it will happen for this band later on. 

2 Star Rating

1. Pleonexia
2. I Don't Care
3. Iron Will
4. Everything You Said
5. All Dead To Me
6. Use Your Mind
7. Break All Chains
8. We're Not The Same
9. Freigeist
10. We Just Want More
Michele Da Pila – Vocals / Guitars / Keyboards
Federico Fondrini – Guitars / Backing Vocals
Leonardo Manoiero – Guitars / Backing Vocals
Davide Arneri – Bass / Backing Vocals
Lorenzo Luca - Keyboards
Stefano Clara – Drums / Backing Vocals
Record Label: Pure Underground Records


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