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Plerom's Gate - Pass The Gate Of Pleroma (CD)

Plerom's Gate
Pass The Gate Of Pleroma
by Josh West at 06 April 2009, 8:50 AM

PLEROM' GATE isn't music that you come across every day, this is music with some many different styles rammed into it you are hard pressed trying to form an opinion; these are problems I have been faced with when reviewing this 5 track EP…sorry album, Pass The Gate Of Pleroma.

Coming in from Poland this four-piece Metal band take to the studio with a strange mix of classic and ethnic instrument and completely blend it together with heavy guitars and death/harsh vocals. It does come off a bit hit and miss, which is a shame because at times it is some of the most epic and then interesting music I have heard in a very long time. The opening track The Great Panspermia ranges from having these epic moments where it sounds like a full orchestra is guiding you through the music and just as you think you are comfortable, it will blast forwards with these growling vocals roaring towards you while symphonic, almost ambient music plays behind. Then as you think it's going to come to a close, another progression happens and you are introduced to some riffs that you can really bang your head to.

So while this all sounds great, things take a bit of a downwards turn on the song Skinwalkers, which just doesn't have an epic feel to it. I think a main reason for this is the production, while sounding great on the instruments throughout the whole album; the drums are just mixed a little too loud which makes then punch past everything else in the verses. Skinwalkers isn't like the first two tracks and takes a 'down and out' approach and really goes for an all out assault onto your ears, which then also brings the singer out for a better inspection. I cant help but feel that vocals this harsh are not suited to the kind of music that is being created. This band is suited to the times when the more interesting elements of the band come into play.

PLEROM'S GATE is an odd band, to say the least, whether they are far too niche for their own good is debatable, but these guys are almost onto something which could be fantastic; it just needs a final push. The album is only 5 tracks which comes in at 20 minutes, so whether this gives a full representation of what they can do…who knows? But at its core 4 fantastic musicians are trying to blur the lines of genres and in some cases it works and in some it doesn't.

All in all, check em out if you are interested in discovering something a bit out-there and new, definitely would be interesting to see how they would perform these songs live! But with a little bit of refinement on the core ideals of song structure and the band itself they could stumble onto something very cool and promising.

2 Star Rating

The Great Panspermia
Dead Shall Rise (TERRORIZER cover)
Rise To The Glory
Art - Guitats, Keyboards, Orchestural
Mlody - Drums
Kac - Bass
Dzik- Vocals
Record Label: Private Release


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