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Plush - Plush Award winner

by Kevin Lewis at 01 December 2021, 10:57 PM

PLUSH is an American Hard Rock band made up of incredibly talented young women. Only the lead singer is legal to drink at this point. But don’t let that fool you, this is a group of serious musicians that are already adept at making killer music. Recognizing this talent, they were invited on a tour in support of Halestorm and Evanescence. Their self-titled debut album, Plush, was released October 29, 2021, via Pavement Entertainment.

Even their web address tells you what you are going to get from this record. Plush Rocks ( is the domain name of this hard rocking quartet. Finally, truth in advertising is back. They produce anthemic rock tunes that are full of tasty riffs, excellent rhythms and chantable lyrics. They truly are emerging “Champions.” If you didn’t catch them on their recent dates, they are going out early next year with SLASH. Catch them then.

The disc begins with “Athena.” There is a fade in, then a kick. The track then settles into the main rhythm. The guitars are heavy and powerful, the bass in perfect step and the drums, heavy on the cymbals at times, keep a fantastic tempo. The vocals are lower through the verses before taking off in the chorus. The backing vocals are on point. The belting is exquisite and reminiscent of Ann Wilson of HEART. Side note, Moriah Formica turned four chairs on The Voice with the HEART song “Crazy on You.” That influence is heard here, and she crushes it.

Champions” comes next. Again, the riff is solid. The drums and bass are not just lurking under the riff to give a rhythm, they stand on their own, making their sound be heard as an equal. The vocals again run from full chest to soaring head voice and hit some killer mixes in the middle. Moriah knows her way around a song, hitting the highs and lows whenever and however she chooses. Her control is as amazing as her range,

Jumping down, we get “Sober,” as song about the struggles of loving someone with an addiction. This song is melodic and full of killer instrumentation, but the lyrics are the main draw. This is the tune anyone who has ever loved an alcoholic or addict will relate to in the most intimate way. They will feel this song in their soul, not just hear it in their head. As much as the rest of the album rocks, this is the song that will pull you in and make you feel the music.

Continuing the trend of relatable tunes, “Better Off Alone” and “Why Do I Even Try” are more relationship woes. There is a theme on this record of heartbreak and pain, making this album feel very cathartic. This is the grieving process set to music. From anger to acceptance, it’s all here, laid bare and felt in every note. Listen to this and try to not think about the one you had to leave. Bet you can’t.

The record concludes with the heartbreaking realization that there is nothing left to do but “Walk Away.” This is a bit ballad-like at points, but heavier through the chorus. This gives the impression of strength in the resolve to take of self and move on from the negativity. This is the song that can help find the strength to leave and keep the head held high, knowing you tried everything to work it out, but knowing the other cannot do their part.

When you start with “Athena” and “Champions,” then devolve into tracks like “Sorry” and “Walk Away,”, it feels like this entire record is the story of a relationship cycle that was torn apart. This record is impressive in every way, even more so when you realize the oldest member of this band turned 21 after the record was released. Talent is not age based; it just is. Hard work, grit and drive have created an exceptional album. PLUSH truly rocks. Full stop.

Songwriting:  10
Musicianship:  10
Memorability:  10
Production:  9

5 Star Rating

1. Athena
2. Champion
3. Hate
4. Found A Way
5. I Don't Care
6. Sober
7. Better Off Alone
8. Sorry
9. Why Do I Even Try
10. Bring Me Down
11. Don't Say That
12. Will Not Win
13. Walk Away
Moriah Formica – Vocals/Guitars
Ashley Suppa – Bass/Vocals
Brooke Colucci – Drums
Bella Perron – Lead Guitar
Record Label: Pavement Entertainment


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Edited 09 June 2023

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