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Poison The Well - Versions (CD)

Poison The Well
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 12 July 2007, 1:32 PM

I think that many of you may not be familiar with the name POISON THE WELL, but I have to tell you they are a well-known band in the audience that listens to such stuff. I don't want to tell you what they play yet because I think that finding it out later in this review may result in you trying to find my address to burn my house down or something like that.

POISON THE WELL were formed in 1998 in Florida, USA. They debuted with the 1999 The Opposite Of December and managed to share the stage with bands like DEFTONES, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, CULT OF LUNA and HATEBREED. This album is their fourth full-length album, the follow up to 2003's You Come Before You and if I am not mistaken their first through Ferret Music (since their previous album was released through Atlantic).

It is now time to make you want to burn my house down! POISON THE WELL is a melodic Hardcore/Emocore band. But before you do anything let me explain some things. I admit they are not so bad. Their music is much more aggressive and clever as I thought it would be. There were times they reminded me of CONVERGE (a band I really adore) and THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. Their music contains many melodic parts as well as many complex rhythms that let the band unfold its technical abilities. The vocalist sounds incredibly psychotic and even if you call it emotional, this guy really feels 100% what he sings. Whoever has read my review on ALEXISONFIRE's latest album and has bought their album will find many similarities between these two bands, but in my opinion POISON THE WELL produce a much more interesting Hardcore style with many modern elements and insane melodies. The production is of course great and it fits like a glove to the band's music.

Fans of modern and not so easy listening stuff should definitely check this band out and see for themselves. I don't know if I would personally buy this album, but do not forget that I am not the hugest fan of this kind of bands. I think that you won't be disappointed.

3 Star Rating

Letter Thing
Breathing's For The Birds
The Notches That Create Your Headboard
Pleading Post
Slow Good Morning
Prematurito El Baby
Composer Meet Corpse
You Will Not Be Welcomed
Naive Monarch
The First Day Of My Second Life
Jeffrey Moreira - Vocals
Ryan Primack - Guitar
Chris Hornbrook - Drums
Record Label: Ferret Music


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