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Poisonblack - Escapexstacy (CD)

by Amy La Salla at 17 February 2003, 6:37 AM

Poisonblack is the 2nd band of Ville Laihiala (Sentenced singer). Poisonblack was formed towards the end of 2000. The other members are friends of Ville's, whom he had jammed with in Oulu, Finland. Escapexstacy is their first effort and already better than many bands ever get.
When I first heard that Ville had formed a 2nd band, I was a little worried about how it would sound. I am fond of Ville's voice and had heard that he would not be singing on Escapexstacy. A man named J.P. Leppaluoto (of Charon) would be handling the singing duties. The first song assuaged my fears, however, J.P. has a great voice. I also learned that Ville is quite the guitarist! I am surprised that he doesn't play guitars in Sentenced as well. They wouldn't be the first 3 guitar band to grace Metal!
The music is doomy with gothic overtones, and J.P. is the perfect complement to their sound.  It is deep, powerful and plaintive. It is a shame he left after this album.
Song by song breakdown:
The Glow Of The Flames is the first song on Escapexstacy. It is on the faster side of mid-tempo and the excellent guitar-work booms, chugs and pulls you along. The music and lyrics absolutely ooze with yearning and pain. The song is about love, desire, and the wish for the end of pain. I could listen to this tune all day and not get tired of it!
Love Infernal is mid-tempo and has an urgent feel to it. It begins with a haunting bit of lead-work and then the other instruments kick in. I would call the verse's vocals laid back, except that I can hear the desperation and need in them. The chorus is extremely catchy, the only time I don't sing along is when I have lost my voice, hehehe. Love Infernal is a supernatural love song, it is about a man who intends to become undead (or possible just a ghost) and bring his girlfriend with him.
We enter The State with the sad twinkling of keyboard work. It is a slow song with good dynamics. The keyboard is prominent in this song but that doesn't mean that the guitarists forget to rule, they do a great job. The State is a very sad song about a dysfunctional relationship.
All Else Is Hollow is a crunchy song, which cheers you right up (and after The State, you need it). It is bouncy, fun and yet melancholy. The chorus gets in your veins and your heart, I sing this song all hours of the day now! It is about desire. In Lust's guitar-work chimes slowly and sadly. Despite the name, the song is heavy with defeat. The subject of the song is ashamed of his sin but doesn't seem able to resist his girlfriend's ability to comfort him or her… other charms.
The Exciter is aptly named. It begins with this great keyboard line and then hits you with heavy, heavy guitar-work. Juha's voice is very powerful here and the guitar-work is awesome! It isn't so much about love as it is about the main character's reaction to it. It is definitely a fist pounder! Lay Your Heart To Rest compares the peace of love with the quiet of death. It is a bouncy and angsty tune but it's catchy guitar-work is what makes it special… It is AWESOME! With Her I Die is a soft, piano driven song. When the guitar work walks into the spotlight, however, it pulls your emotions through the floor… it is beautiful, gripping and sorrowful. Illusion/Delusion is mid-tempo, with exciting guitar-work, and agonized vocals. The keyboards sounds really cool here, two thumbs up. It is about the relationship between two dysfunctional lovers. The Kiss Of Death has good parts to it but over-all I don't really care for this song.
Poisonblack have achieved something rare, it is unusual for me to like a side-project as much as the band of orgin… 4 bloody blades!

4 Star Rating

The Glow Of The Flames
Love Infernal
The State
All Else Is Hollow
In Lust
The Exciter
Lay Your Heart To Rest
With Her I Die
The Kiss Of Death
Ville Laihiala - Guitars
J.P. Leppaluoto - Vocals
Janne Kukkonen - Bass
Tarmo Kanerva - Drums
Marco Sneck - Keyboards
Record Label: Century Media


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