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Poisonblack - A Dead Heavy Day (CD)

A Dead Heavy Day
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 29 September 2008, 5:02 PM

All in all, the story of POISONBLACK is known by everyone who is familiar to the Laihiala era of SENTENCED. After the glorious end of the latter band, Ville along with the guitar took over the vocal duties of POISONBLACK and released the very good guitar driven Lust Stained Despair. I am genuinely happy with Ville next step because he did not try to copy or even re-produce the SENTENCED atmosphere despite his voice that stigmatized the band's second era. So, let me introduce you the third addition to POISONBLACK's back catalogue under the Metal title A Dead Heavy Day.
The album enters with the fast tempo of Diane after the down tuned clean guitar intro Intruder. The song is guitar based and impressively heavy; Ville sings with his almost out of tune voice that is full of irony and passion, just the way we like it. The chorus is fast and really catchy with an undercover TYPE O NEGATIVE feeling. The atmospheric keyboards set the tempo in Left Behind while the groovy Bear The Cross is the closest to the SENTENCED past especially of the Crimson era. The band from Finland has given more space to the guitars with down tune rhythms and a hearty vibrato that reminded me of Zakk Wylde's attitude. The band has never denied the Gothic Metal underlying profile and this comes to surface in A Dead Heavy Day and the slower X where Ville shines with his trademark harsh voice by taking a deep emotional dive. The production is impressive solid and heavy through dominating drums and an excellent bass guitar sound that will blow you away.
The album is full of 'hits' that balance upon the thin line that separates Gothic and Heavy Metal but stepping more times in the second territory. Ville managed to gather around him very good musicians without being afraid to write music that can (and will) stand away from the heavy SENTENCED shadow that could potentially cover him. In fact I found Ville very honest when after the SENTENCED funeral he stated that he wanted to write more guitar based music with POISONBLACK. And believe me this is exactly what he did in this album; be prepared to enjoy the Finnish black mood treat through heavy riffs, fast drums and of course the fitting vocals of Mr. Liahiala. Just a last minute's notice; the guitar solo in emotional Only You Can Tear Me Apart is just perfect…

4 Star Rating

Left Behind
Bear The Cross
A Dead Heavy Day
Me Myself & I
The Days Between
Only You Can Tear Me Apart
Ville Laihiala - Vocals, Guitar
Tarmo Kanerva - Drums
Marco Sneck - Keyboards
Antti Remes - Bass
Janne Markus - Guitar
Record Label: Century Media Records


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