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Poisoned Speed - Quick And Dirty

Poisoned Speed
Quick And Dirty
by Matt Bozenda at 27 July 2021, 1:41 PM

As we the brave continue to venture out into our post-pandemic world, we’re finding that some things are obviously not quite the same. And while the touring limb of the music industry builds up its muscle again, venues large and small are likely to encounter a deluge of year-old bands trying to get on stage for the first time. For better or worse, a lot of them will get up there, play their little hearts out, then never be seen again.

If that weren’t cutthroat enough for you, consider the DIY scene. For the unsigned and unsponsored bands doing it all by themselves, things had already been dog-eat-dog, but one must work harder than ever to prove they belong. One such band hailing from Der Vaterland, POISONED SPEED, seems determined to reach legendary status by taking cues from legendary acts, and with “Quick And Dirty”, a compilation of their previous demos, they sure sound capable of it.

Starting with the instantly catchy “Fistfights Under Neon Lights”, it carries a tune that sounds like HAMMERFELL’s stoned cousins doing a MOTORHEAD impression. Track two, “Ale Jammer”, really gears up that impression, firmly planting LEMMY’s flag on this fortress. A more free-wheeling dimension is revealed on “Winner”, which adds to their sound an almost FU MANCHU sort of quality.

Rock N Roll is proved alive and well on “Rebellion Of Human Garbage”, and proof that it can still be as Hard as it is Heavy is found on “Crash And Burn”. A strange thing occurs on “Poison Queen”, where they let up on the gas but still don’t seem to press any brakes; whether good or bad, the listener might realize at this point they’ve forgotten the songs had ever changed.

The last two bass-heavy tracks are from the first demo, but even so, “Speed Will Succeed” fits the profile created thus far. “Poisoned Speed”, which one can regard as their very first song, serves as the closer here, and when placed in this order, it ends up not straying from the formula. The whole thing ends not so much as a dash through the finish line but as a flop on the couch.

That sensation of the third generation of Rock N Roll, from the late 1970’s through the 80’s, simply cannot be any stronger on “Quick And Dirty”, and the filthy vinyl pops and occasional interspersed audio samples are just nails on the cudgel. Furthering the cause is the fact that it really is quick and dirty; eight total tracks weighing in at just under twenty-five minutes might leave you with half a six-pack in silence. And as a compilation rather than a full album, one must forgive the lack of sophistication; these were demos, practice sessions while they discovered their signature sound.

But on that subject, have they really? The band members have previously cited MOTORHEAD and MIDNIGHT as influences, and you the listener would be hard pressed to dispute that, perhaps to the point of saying it’s almost a tribute band.

Nevertheless, what we have from POISONED SPEED is a declaration of the contemporary status of Rock N Roll. “Quick And Dirty” should be a foundation for a very strong debut album, if these DIY artists can keep focused and do it. As said, many of those bands are gone in the blink of an eye; POISONED SPEED ought to stay for a few rounds.

3 Star Rating

1. Fistfights Under Neon Lights
2. Ale Jammer
3. Winner
4. Rebellion Of Human Garbage
5. Crash And Burn
6. Poison Queen
7. Speed Will Succeed
8. Poisoned Speed
Tobster - vocals, guitars, bass
Fredneck - drums
Record Label: Morbid And Miserable Records


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