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Poisonous - Perditions Den

Perditions Den
by Eric "Carnegie" Hall at 27 September 2012, 6:02 PM

It’s Death Metal. That really should suffice, to be honest. What more do you need to know? All the individual pieces sound pretty much in line with the usual characteristics of the genre – except where it doesn’t do that and diverts from the path of Death and steers towards the direction of Black Metal.

Yes, POISONOUS seems to be combining about 5 parts Death Metal to 2 parts Black Metal for this release. Does it work? Kinda, but not really. Several songs seem to jump between fast blast beats into breakdowns and back again so quickly it ends up sounding like some arm-less slut it trying to jack off with an artificial hand that is low on battery power. It breaks up the flow of things and just stalls any progression forward. I also didn’t care for the “let’s just do an ultra-slow breakdown while the vocalist grunts something incoherently” thing they love so much. I almost wished they were in the room with my while I listened so I could say, “Stop doing that!” to their faces.

However, that is not to say the music is bad. No, there are some genuinely decent riffs and leads to find buried under the grunts and spastic shit. But, it doesn’t really do anything spectacular. I wasn’t blown away or surprised really. Most of the time I was either mildly drawn in or completely bored of it. It’s not my fault that your songs are one-dimensional and boring. Does this drummer understand that there actually are different rhythms besides blast beats and breakdowns? Someone buy him an instructional DVD or something, for fuck’s sake.

So, like a hooker who outright refused to service me because of my unusually hairy back, I am forced to walk away unsatisfied. No worries, I’m sure next time POISONOUS will be able to make something of serious worth and merit. I’ll shave my back, just in case.

3 Star Rating

1. Subterranean Rules
2. Worthless Christ
3. Creeping Impurity
4. Demons
5. Blasphemy Arises for the Knowledge
6. Perdition’s Den
7. Under the Blessing of Death
8. From the Infernal Rift
9. Black Clouds and Fever
10. Poisonous
Michael Hellriff– Guitar/Vocals
E. Evil– Bass
Alex Rocha- Drums
Record Label: Blood Harvest Records


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