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Polanski - Between This And Hate

Between This And Hate
by Matan "Shouter" Yaniv at 19 November 2014, 5:41 PM

It turns out that Finland grows some really nice Grunge & Punk, as was in America years ago in the 90s and 70s. POLANSKI is a band that formed in Helsinki when they're promise is to bring back the 90s and the Altenative and Grunge's dirty sound. As a big fan of the 90s music, I chose to review this album at least on the basis of its interesting name, "Between This And Hate".

The band schools on 'how to open an album' with "Wasted Mind". With some crazy riffs and great melody, the song is an explosion of Grunge to the ears. "Give Yourself" keep the fire going but they are repeating themselves a bit too much by now.

Heavier, angrier and even a lot better, comes the next song, "Buried". When they are angry as ever, the band gives us some crazy screams and guitar riffs that even remind me of METALLICA, but still the song remains a great Grunge track. "A Fine Line" is more melodic, but apparently the band is much better in angry songs than they are in melodies. "Hazel" is not just a great song, it’s a slow and hard Metal masterpiece. It's not that heavy and it's not fast at all, the opposite.  Patiently, the band heightens the tension of the song and test the listener hear until they ready to explode in the song. As I said before, a masterpiece of song that its looks like that the band thought about her a lot.

As the previous track, "Left Behind" is also long, but not in the good way. The band pushing too much material and the result is  chaos, and again not in the good way. "Modern Child" is a song that the band hasn't invested a lot into and we can hear that. Yes I know that it’s a Punk Rock song but it's so confused and not completed that you just can't understand it.

The bottom line, it's not a genius album, but very nice piece for a debut album. I'm thinking that the band got a big potential and I know that they are know what they are doing. Still, the band needs some time to grow and I am thinking that they can do it in the next album that will be better, maybe even genius.

3 Star Rating

1. Wasted Mind
2. Give Yourself
3. Buried
4. A Fine Line
5. Hazel
6. Left Behind
7. Modern Child
8. The Lid
9. Lidless Sky
10. Recoil
Anttoni Pikkarainen - Vocals
Kalle Loimula - Guitars
Tyko Haapala - Drums
Miika Kyyrö - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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