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Polarized – Western Hypnosis Award winner

Western Hypnosis
by Aaron Eerdekens at 18 September 2015, 5:14 PM

US based four piece Thrash and Heavy Metal band POLARIZED have released their latest album, called “Western Hypnosis”.

“The Seventh Sin” breaks the ice and breaks it good and hard. You immediately get slapped in the face by a couple of hot and heavy Heavy Metal riffs. The singer has exactly the unpolished voice to go with the Trash and the madness within. A double guitar solo takes the song to the next level, which is a pretty high one at that. Good stuff so far.

And it keeps going like that. Some crazy drums set the tone for “Wish ‘em Well”, and I detect a METALLICA-like intro riff as well. After that it’s more of their Heavy Metal side that comes through, with again some fresh and piercing guitar solos. It’s already very clear that the musicians are more than capable, and that they can craft some great songs with their abilities.

“Recipe for Death” is their loudest and fastest effort as of yet on this album, and to be honest I can’t imagine them to enhance that part anymore. There’s a lot of organized chaos and madness going on here. “Black Loyalty” starts off as something else entirely, with soft guitars and a slow, touching intro. They transform back into themselves quickly though, and they go on like that in “Rise” as well. There you can hear some more METALLICA influences in the guitar playing. Another great guitar solo sets this band apart from others like them.

“Permanent War” and “Listen” are a bit more of the same, with some heavy and strong parts in them, but also with some more laidback pieces. They’re all silence before the storm though. Especially “Listen” is a good example for that.

They saved their title track “Western Hypnosis” for last, and it’s a great one to go out with. The energy keeps going on right until the end.

4 Star Rating

1. The Seventh Sin
2. Wish ‘em Well
3. Recipe For Death
4. Black Loyalty
5. Rise
6. Permanent War
7. Listen
8. Western Hypnosis
Daniel Botti - Rhythm Guitars / Vocals
Dino Medanhodzic - Lead Guitars
Lars Linden - Bass
Marco Di Salvia - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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