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Polluted Inheritance - Ecocide (Reissue)

Polluted Inheritance
Ecocide (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 28 March 2013, 3:45 PM

Inside looking out the human body, no doubt that it will be a bit grotesque because I didn't mean for it to be spiritual, at least this time around. Again I travel back in the time, to the hungry days of Death Metal, back when it was merely old school, ugly, somewhat devilish, gory and purely offensive, to follow a disbanded Dutch band named POLLUTED INHERITANCE. Actually this band split up not long ago, in 2008. Their career ended up with three albums, last one released in 2001. Through the local Dutch Vic Records, I was granted the opportunity to have a go with the band's debut album, "Ecocide", originally released back in 1992 (a great year for Death Metal) via West Virginia Records. Splicing Death and Thrash Metal, this foursome crew sounded merciless, energetic with what sounded to me like a heavy load of confidence. I noticed inclinations of late 80s SEPULTURA (Merely influenced by SLAYER back then), POSSESSED, early DEATH but also some of the local Dutch Death gods like SINISTER and THANATOS. I would say that early Death Metal fans won't be disappointed as it is straightforward and utterly heavy, but in general this release seemed rather one dimensional without any considerate progress.

Back in the early 90s, the first albums of Death Metal bands were some sort of a first stage of development. The process itself led to both positive and negative results. As always some survived and some died out after letting go. At least for me, "Ecocide" is a sort of a soul searching, more accurate, identity quest. POLLUTED INHERITANCE crossed patterns with various of the old stuff of the late 80s, when it comes to Thrash at least putting out riffs similar to 1988 version of METALLICA (yeah they were rough once), but their fundamental acclaim was Death Metal, mostly US than European. No doubt that "Ecocide" is a skull cracker, pretty twisting, not so gory as I would have expected from a Death Metal album if I will compare it to the early acts, but for sure POLLUTED INHERITANCE produced some heavy, chunky riffs, and interchangeable, energetic, fast paced rhythms (to a certain point), plenty of double bass drum action along with the fronting, understandable mid ranging growls of a pretty darn good vocalist. In overall, this is not a techy music like the brutal acts as SUFFOCATION or CANNIBAL CORPSE, but it is good enough for a bloodbath at the mosh pit. As for the sound, though the modern fans would disagree, the resonance of this release is great, even with the bass drum kicks being a bit high on the scale, vocals right at the front spewing words of wisdom and the guitars sounding a bit thin but the bass truly provided a drive as on most 80s related examples.

Dynamism is something that this album has in large quantities, is swings fast and attacking with no end. Maybe that is the reason why this release ends so fast. POLLUTED INHERITANCE punched through without thinking too much with utter straightforwardness with flesh eaters like the Thrashed up "Stillborn", DEATH oriented "Memories of Sadness" demonstrating interesting complexities, early SEPULTURA fused "Dissolved" and the untied biter, "Rottings" that displayed some of the album's greatest riffs. I liked that. On the other hand, they had a few boring moments, some lasted into average tracks that only presented a little of what this band can really do. I didn’t have the chance to listen to the next releases by POLLUTED INHERITANCE, 1996 and 2001. Maybe it is for the best as many Death Metal bands fell victims to the modernized Death addiction that devoured that past's accomplishments. Generally, this was the band's first step, it was a neat one and I have to recommend it to Thrashers and Deathsters alike. Take on the old school and embrace the blood.

3 Star Rating

1. Faces
2. Dissolved
3. Eaten
4. Memories of Sadness
5. Substance of Existence
6. Fear
7. Stillborn
8. After Life
9. Rottings
10. Look Inside
11. Ecocided
Menno De Fouw – Bass
Friso Van Wijck – Drums
Erwin Wesdorp – Guitars
Ronald Camonier – Vocals / Guitar
Record Label: Vic Reocrds


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