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Polluted Inheritance - Betrayed (Reissue) Award winner

Polluted Inheritance
Betrayed (Reissue)
by Dorothy Cheng at 07 October 2013, 7:07 PM

Dutch Death Metal outfit POLLUTED INHERITANCE have done us all the favor and re-issued their 1996 full-length epic “Betrayed”, filling the aching gaps they left in us Death Metal fanatics when they split up in 2008. The re-issue is being released under Vic Records, but sadly there is no news about whether the band will be getting back together and releasing more material as POLLUTED INHERITANCE.

That being said, the band with their re-issue have at least taken us down memory lane to bring back the glory of old Dutch Death Metal, and of course to remind us of the roots of Technical Death Metal - from its pioneer beginnings in the recordings of bands such as POLLUTED INHERITANCE to the epic of musicality than it has become today. POLLUTED INHERITANCE set themselves apart from the rest of the Death Metal materials coming out during that time. While still maintaining the vibe of old school rawness, they incorporated a whole new idea of what can be done with Death Metal. They were mavericks of the 90's Metal scene and yet not many noticed the beginnings of something great.

From rhythm guitars soaked with color and a contemporary form of melodic riffing to an utterly heavy bass that glues all the many different facets of their music together, the music of POLLUTED INHERITANCE is filled to the brim from the beginning with freshness that sets itself apart starkly from the typical Death Metal materials of the day. However, the record maintains a chilling vibe of darkness that tells the listener it is a Death Metal record from a particular era in the history of the music that was built on new beginnings and experimentation that was just starting to take place, not completely abandoning the vibe of old school Death Metal just yet.

The album also makes generous use of sound effects, setting new firsts again for a Death Metal record. Typically Black Metal bands know how to tweak and manipulate sound effects to their advantage, setting atmospheres that invoke the starkest of illusions. With POLLUTED INHERITANCE, they take it to a whole new level as they incorporate it into straight-up, hard riffing Death Metal.

The guitar work is impeccable, from their searing technicality to tasteful incorporation of melody that complements perfectly the experimental tone of the record. The appearance of clean and acoustic guitars also serves us a colorful variety to the album, bringing in more space to experiment with what the sound of the guitar can invoke. Another example of POLLUTED INHERITANCE going against the grain was the theme of their lyrics, which dwelled more on deep philosophical subjects than your usual Death Metal offering of blood and guts. The production too was heavy with clarity on each instrument, putting each twang and each beat in its own comfortable spotlight. The crispness of this effect produces a deep, thundering tone on the part of the bass and drums, securing the overall heaviness of the record.

This is one hell of an album, and if only POLLUTED INHERITANCE was still around, they'd still be churning out such standard-setters. But at least they have subdued our appetites with this gem of a re-issue, bringing out the best of Dutch Death Metal and reminding us all of the true qualities of Metal music.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Forgotten Cause
3. Mental Connection
4. Elimination
5. Betrayed
6. Emptiness
7. Drowning (In Faith)
8. Indulge
9. Never to Be Free
10. Need Me
11. My Voice
12. Outro
Friso van Wijck - Drums
Erwin Wesdorp - Guitars
Ronald Camonier - Vocals, Guitars
Menno De Fouw - Bass
Record Label: Vic Records


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