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Polution - Beyond Control

Beyond Control
by Sharon "Metal Chick" Bar-Or at 06 August 2012, 9:55 PM

Oh POLUTION, what am I going to do with you?! I'm so tired of listening to amateur Metal bands!And POLUTION’s “Beyond Control” is among those bands…But because I'm a nice person, I'm going to give you, my loyal readers some info about them: POLUTION was founded in 1997 and has been playing in today’s music scene since 2005. The band is used to playing their music in various `Rock-cellars` right up to renowned clubs. While originally having focused on cover-versions of bands like AC/DC, METALLICA and MOTORHEAD the band has started to continually include more and more of their own songs into their repertoire. They have developed a style based on supportive melodies and hard guitar riffs… So this is pretty much covers it.

Let's talk about POLUTION's band members: Pascal Gwerder (Vocals): Dude!!! Has anyone ever told you that you sound just like Chad Kroeger (NICKELBACK) and Matthew Tuck (BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE)? And in case you've wondered; No, it isn't good at all. What has been going on throughout this release is a proof of lack of range and poor vocal abilities. I can't imagine the awful cover you made for AC/DC if you sounds like that… Sorry but it's the truth and I owe it to my readers. Marcel Betschart (Lead guitar) and Matthias Betschart (Rhythm Guitar):Ok. This two are great but without any unique riffs, both of them are just "great". The only thing I did like was the fourth track: "Forever And A Day". Both guitars match perfectly on the character of this track, so well done. I have to wonder, though; where the hell are the "extreme Heavy Metal guitar solos" that many fans wrote on your latest album “Beyond Control”? If you find them, please, contact me ASAP because at this moment the solos are M.I.A.!!! Andreas Betschart (Bass Guitar) and Armin Betschart (Drums):Tired, numb, invisible, no presence and I can do it all day long. I wanted to hear some bass power but I hear nothing: No bass and obviously no power… Step up to the limelight otherwise no one will believe that there is a bass guitar in POLUTION. Now, for the drums: where are the powerful drumming techniques? I hear nothing but a really boring drum work… Be original, be unique, and for god sake, make your own drumming signature!

So when it comes to the lyrical work, POLUTION’s “Beyond Control” has no control: if that was the idea beyond this album it works perfectly but I can't believe that this was the idea. No connection between any of the track and between the tracks to the concept of the album: I mean; "R.I.P." and after that "Bite Me"?! Where's the story? Are you a Heavy Metal band or a Rock band? I can't understand it and frankly, it pisses me off that a band call itself uses one label to pick it's genre but proves to be something else…

If you'd like to improve yourselves, you'll have to change things, because the only fans you have is under the age of 17 and it doesn't work too good…

1 Star Rating

1. Rising Danger
2. Fire
3. Live until you die
4. Forever and a day
5. Follow me
6. Prefix
7. The Band
8. War
9. Flying
10. R.I.P.
11. Bite me
12. All-in
Marcel Betschart– Lead guitar
Andreas Betschart- Bass Guitar
Armin Betschart– Drums
Matthias Betschart– Rhythm Guitar
Pascal Gwerder– Vocals
Record Label: Escape Music


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