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Polymoon - Caterpillars of Creation

Caterpillars of Creation
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 28 July 2020, 6:59 AM

From their Facebook page, “somewhere between Cosmic Space Rock and Progressive psychedelia are POLYMOON, a new band from Tampere, Finland. The basic elements of POLYMOON are endless sonic reflections in the night sky, crushing fuzz guitars and undulating synthesizers. The backbone of the entity is a symbiosis of complex drum sequences and pulsating bass guitar.” “Caterpillars of Creation” contains six tracks.

“Silver mt.” leads off the album. It opens with easy listening tones and psychedelic sounds, leading to a heavy and aggressive riff. Then, it’s back to those Stoner tones heard earlier. This is some strange stuff…but I can vibe with it for sure. It picks up towards the end and you definitely feel that you are about to launch into space. “Lazaward” is over eight-minutes in length. It’s faster moving and even more trippy. It reminds me of OZRIC TENTACLES but with vocals. I am not sure if I am tripping balls from some unwanted mushrooms or even what room I am in at the moment. This is some psychedelic stuff, that is for sure.

“Malamalama” sounds like a real jam for a song title. It opens with a positive sounding riff, and the snyths keep it trippy, with an even application. A darker passage enters, then it’s drowned out by the smiles and feel good tones of the main riff. “Helicating” opens with a buzzing riff and heavy bass note accents. When the drums come in, it moves quickly, with the synth dominating the air. Vocals are light and smooth, and the air is tainted with something dark. At the half-way mark, aliens exit a space craft and approach you. Before you know it, you are swept up and carried away.

“Neitherworld” is just under nine-minutes in length. Opening with soft but dark tones, it bubbles under the surface for just a bit. But, the guitar riff that comes a bit later is actually very charming. The long instrumental changes key a couple times along the way, as it gathers stream. You can really hear the pronounced bass guitar notes here as well. It crescendos towards the end, then a long fade-out. “Metempsychosis” closes the album. This song has some darker tones mixed with some positive ones. It starts a slow build towards some really dark tones around the half-way mark, then they are replaced by more ambient and pretty ones. It ends in total chaos.

Overall, this was a very interesting album. Marked by trippy, psychedelic tones but with an air of charm and beauty, the album contained six distinctly different songs that each had a tale to tell. It definitely felt as though you traveled through a worm hole to a different, future dimension…or was it a past dimension? I will let you answer that question for yourself. But, any fan of trippy or Progressive music will find this interesting enough to give it a spin, or two. I found various experiences differed with each new listen.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Silver mt.
2. Lazaward
3. Malamalama
4. Helicaling
5. Neitherworld
6. Metempsychosis
Tuomas Heikura – Drums
Jesse Jaksola – Guitar
Otto Kontio – Guitar
Kalle-Erik Kosonen – Synthesizer, Vocals
Juuso Valli – Bass
Record Label: Svart Records


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