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Ponamero Sundown - Stonerized (CD)

Ponamero Sundown
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 12 October 2009, 12:47 PM

A release by Transubstans Records with a weird name, a trippy cover… Oh wait! And the album's title is Stonerized. Do I have to tell you a lot about what kind of music these guys play? I don't think so; you are already on the right track. Let's get on…

The Swedish (what else?) quartet began in mid November 2005, when these guys got together. The idea was to write groovy music, influenced form the 70's Hard Rock and the Stoner Rock scene right from the start. That's exactly what the band's debut full-length release offers you!

The fact is that we already have many bands playing this classic groovy Stoner Rock. The band doesn't try to make any groundbreaking moves with this music (not that it should), but with so many releases out there I don't know if PONAMERO SUNDOWN have something different or special to offer. They are not bad, not at all, but when you listen to an album more than 5 times and you have already started getting bored it is not a good sign for sure. Bluesy guitars, groovy rhythm section and a rocker's dirty voice are classic ingredients for a Stoner recipe, but I guess that people from different music scenes will not find something that will touch them.

A decent album suggested only to die hard fans of the genre. The rest of you should look for something else, and if you want something in this kind of music prefer to check out the new FIREBIRD offering.

2 Star Rating

Alcoholic Deathride
Curtain Call
Rotten Religion
Live The Lie
Intermission (Heartbreak Disease)
Hell Sent
The Race
Made Of Stone
Doctor Of Evil
Double You
Niclas Engwall - Vocals
Anders Martinsgard - Guitar
Oliver Gille Vowden - Bass
Peter Eklund - Drums
Record Label: Transubstans Records


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