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Portal - For All That Is Damned To Vanish Award winner

For All That Is Damned To Vanish
by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughy at 06 March 2014, 2:29 AM

PORTAL is a Melodic Death Metal piece from Stockholm, Sweden. “For all That Is Danmed To Vanish” is their second full length album. As far as Death Metal bands go these guys got it all. The melodies are dark and eerie on top of some beautifully brutal Metal greatness. They have a bit of a black undertone, but just enough really to enhance their sound. Yes these guys instantly have made one of my favorites. They ROCK!! They have every element that makes good metal.

The sound of the album is generally the same, but they change it up enough to keep from being repetitive. The vocals are mostly harsh, and when the clean vocals do come into play, they are an epic Nordic voice. The guitars, are fast and heavy. The solos are screaming and the riffs are slamming. The drums are a bit versatile, mostly doing double bass and blast beats, but also slowing down when the music calls for it. Put together they definitely mingle the traditional Black Metal stylings with the newer Melodic Death styling. It’s a sweet mix where both really complement each other. The flow of the album is smooth, and all the instruments are very well together. These guys are a fine example of the Swedish scene.

All in all the composition was great, the music was awesome, and I really enjoyed listening to it. The mix of vocals is always a great thing to throw into the mix. It kept me intent the whole time I listened. It was plenty melodic, but plenty brutal all the same. Not too far in either direction to create repetition, so I didn’t get bored. I recommend these guys to any fan of the extreme genres.

4 Star Rating

1. In the Steps of Forgotten Gods
2. The Grand Gesture
3. On Far Trails
4. The Wild and the Furious
5. In Chase for the Sun
6. A Marschmans Belief
7. The Celebration of My Fall
8. Kamp
9. Curse of the Fifth Crown
Emil Koverot - Bass
Matthias Fiebig - Drums
Kristian Kaunissaar - Guitars, Vocals
Stefan Johansson - Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Record Label: Vic Records


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