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Possessed Steel - Aedris Award winner

Possessed Steel
by Mark Machlay at 24 November 2020, 6:05 AM

Four-piece traditional heavy metal band POSSESSED STEEL from Toronto, Canada dabble in unique mystical fantasy subject matter but carry none of the cheese of similarly themed groups. They were only playing small venues and house parties when they first formed in 2010 but would become very dedicated to honing their niche over many years. The band would release a five-song rehearsal recording the year they were formed, displaying a rough sense of the style they were bringing.

It was not until 2014 that the band were able to finesse their sound on their self-titled EP. After releasing said EP, the band took a year-long hiatus, even contemplating the possibility of breaking up but reformed for a show in 2015 playing that EP in its entirety and decided to keep it going on account of the seamless chemistry. They released their second EP “Order of the Moon” in 2017, featuring some older songs that saw expansions and slight rearrangements. Growing ever more ambitious, the band spent an entire year working on what would be their first full-length release – a prophetic journey of a concept album – “Aedris” releasing later on November 30th, 2020.

It took a long time and quite a bumpy road to finally get here but POSSESSED STEEL have released their full-length album, no longer merely releasing Eps. They have been keeping the new old school metal movement moving since it was spawned around 2010. They have signed with Temple of Mystery Records who are known for releasing the last album of doom metal group PAGAN ALTAR. They will release POSSESSED STEEL’s “Aedris” at the end of November, a concept album set in a far gone medieval time, following a guardian chosen to wield a sword made from the horn of a black unicorn and forged in its boiling blood. He is tasked with slaying three otherworldly siblings who created the world that have had a change of heart and decided instead to destroy said world in light of the inhabitants’ ceaseless proclivity towards recklessness.

I’m happy to report the music of “Aedris” is equally as good as the story. POSSESSED STEEL brings up memories of my early days of metal growing up with IRON MAIDEN, DIO, and OZZY OSBOURNE. They have a mystical fantasy theme without the cringe that comes along with power metal bands like BLIND GUARDIAN. There is a subtle whimsy, folksy lilt to the melodies and riffs but bring all the muscle and battle cry that to give valor and honor to the songs. From the ominous opening instrumental track of haunting piano and otherworldly guitar effects in the background, you are transported through time to travel along with the titular Aedris on his quest. As I played BLIND GUARDIAN to get me pumped to attend a Renaissance festival – a mere mockery of the medieval period – “Aedris” could be the theme music for the real-to-life medieval period of treachery, epic horse-ridden battles, and pure steel on steel martial combat.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Dreamer
2. Spellblade
3. Keeper of the Woods
4. Forest of the Dead
5. Frost Lich
6. Assault of the Twilight Keep
7. Free at Last
8. Bogs of Agathorn
9. Skeleton King
10. Nobunaga
Don Bachlinski – Bass
Talon Sullivan – Vocals & Guitar
Richard Rizzo – Drums
Steve Mac – Guitars
Record Label: Temple of Mystery Records


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