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Potentia Animi - Psalm II (CD)

Potentia Animi
Psalm II
by Georgia at 04 June 2006, 10:41 PM

Potentia Animi is a band that comes from a country with great tradition on the musical idiom that they have chosen to follow. Yes, it is Germany and we are talking about Gothic. This is their latest (I think so) release entitled Psalm II. I referred to that with the I-think-so thing because I couldn't find anything about them on the net nor on their official website because all of it is written in German.
Unfortunately they don't seem good enough to follow the steps of the German Gothic scene and this is more than obvious after you take a listen to Psalm II. To begin with, the intro which tries to take you into a dark sorrowful mood, I must say that it starts like a funeral but it ends being like the bells you hear from all churches during Easter time. It would be nice if it had some explosions in it too so that it would sound more fun for our Easter holidays next time. Getting more and more into the melodies, the album doesn't seem to attract the interest of the listener.
The songs are all influenced by groups of the classic Gothic scene such as Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, a little bit of  D.A.F.  but most of all they seem to follow the paths of Lacrimosa. In their effort, though, to reach the standards of the bands mentioned above, they fail to create the atmosphere and the feeling that would be required by a band of this kind. There is a huge overuse/abuse of the elements they want to put into their music which leads them to a result that doesn't sound Gothic, as a feeling, at all. The use of samples and Folk strokes might have added a plus to this record but they don't seem meaningful enough.
I wouldn't recommend this album for purchase to anyone since it's got nothing new to offer. There are far better bands than this one out there and also with a better production. Concluding this review, I must say that the artwork is too wanna-be-provocative-Goth.

1 Star Rating

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