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Potential Threat SF - Civilization Under Threat

Potential Threat SF
Civilization Under Threat
by Eric "Carnegie" Hall at 27 May 2013, 2:02 PM

As a personal rule to live by, I generally don’t give a shit about potential. Whenever someone says, “Well, he’s got a lot of potential”, what they are really saying is, “Well, he’s not as good as he could be”. So I was a little cautiously pessimistic when I saw the band I’d be reviewing was called POTENTIAL THREAT. So, it’s not a threat yet? Is that good? I’m not sure if I want my music to threaten me.

As it stands, it’s actually a moot point, since this album is actually really good. I liked it enough to listen to it multiple times to pick up all the little morsels you miss the first time, like when a hungry dog buries his face into a roasted chicken and ends up hurling little pieces of meat and bone and tendon all over the kitchen floor while you turned your back for one fucking second to check on the potatoes. Goddamn mutt.

My train of thought appeared to derail there. That happens from time to time, and I know it angers some people who read these, so I generally make it a point to do it more often so I can piss off any random strangers from whatever weirdo European country they claim residency in. Remember, I am an American – which means anyone who isn’t an American is just waiting in line for their chance to be carpet bombed for freedom.

Let me get to the music. It’s good, old fashioned, Thrash Metal. And it’s done right, for one thing. Very little of that poison of modern music is here. It’s not super-down tuned and chuggy, the vocals aren’t being done by some prepubescent dickhead whose nuts haven’t even descended yet (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER). The riffing is perfectly exemplary for the genre, the leadwork has some seriously awesome segments, and the overall composition is surprisingly impressive. I like the added musical layers that often break the tension excellently, providing a chance to go somewhere else for a moment before we lose our musical shit again. And it’s got some very catchy choruses and bridges. Oh, and I can hear the bass! Kind of wish it was more than that token fill they give him before he is shushed back to his sad corner, but I can’t always get what I want.

And I am very happy to say the vocalist isn’t from the land of fucks. He’s not shouting like he’s trying to audition for the role of Satan in the next slasher flick starring the sexy teens, and he’s not an indecipherable mess of mumble growling. It’s reminiscent of something like Chuck Billy or James Hetfield in their earlier days. And there is mostly good use of backing vocals, although there’s a few times it sounds out of place and just a smidgen cheesy. Like the ultra-deepened voice on one song that’s meant to sound like a demon or something. I hope that was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, I really do.

However, you don’t convict someone of murder just because you don’t like their iTunes playlist, and you don’t hate an album for something as small as backing vocals that aren’t anus-burstingly great. Overall, this is a definite success. I was happy all around listening to this, and I may need to remember this release for when the Top Ten of 2013 comes around sometime next December – assuming I haven’t killed Lior and consolidated my power by that time.

So it’s not blazing a trail into unknown territory. But sometimes the road less travelled is less travelled for a reason, don’t fix what’s not broken, stick to what works, and et cetera. I can’t legally give this album a thumbs up, because Roger Ebert’s estate will sue me into the 8th dimension, but I can give this album an 8.

Wait, no one’s copyrighted the number 8, right? Anyone? I should, then

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Destroy and Dominate
3. The Threat of Things to Come
4. Stick to Your Guns
5. In for the Kill
6. Edge of Insanity
7. Beneath the Surface
8. Behold the End
9. Written in Blood
10. Rise of the Apocalypse
Mike Noble – Guitar / Vocals
Daniel Sheridan – Guitars
Damien Sisson – Bass
Kenny Noble – Drums
Record Label: Old School Metal Records


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