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Potergeist - Southwards (CD)

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 14 June 2007, 9:33 PM

Everyone that knows me well, knows that I have an indescribable love towards everything Southern style. This time I don't have to review any Black, Power or Grindcore stuff. This is the time that an album that fits 100% my style, comes into my hands and I have to admit that I have fallen in love with it! Get me a Jack Daniels and please leave me alone to enjoy the whiskey soaked tunes that come out of the speakers!
POTERGEIST is a Greek Stoner Metal band that was formed in 2004, but I unfortunately learned about their existence only one year ago. Their first appearance on stage was on stage of the Greek Summer Of Rock Festival along with bands such as NIGHTSTALKER and ENGINE V. If I recall well, they don't have any previous releases. They managed to complete the album in 2006 and Burning Star could not let anyone else grab them. The label offered them a contract they could not refuse and thus the album is released to the public.
How the fuck can I describe this band's music? Yes, they are a mix of bands like CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, DOWN, PANTERA and CROWBAR (they also reminded me a bit of CLUTCH), but the fact is that I had a long time to listen to such a powerful and groovy band! First of all, Alex's voice is almost the same to Anselmo's! Guys, I am not kidding! I always said that Anselmo's voice will never exist again, but who would imagine that a guy from my own country would prove me wrong? Alex definitely sings from his balls, not his lungs! The rhythm section needs no comments, precise and solid, just as it should be! Bass lines that hit you like a thunder, drumming that makes your head bang and guitars that spit riffs you have some time to come across! The production is raw and solid and surely adds some heaviness to the band's music.
I recently had the chance to watch them performing live and the band's energy cannot be put down with some simple words. Do NOT underestimate the power of the underground guys! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the artwork has been done by SET (PARADISE LOST, VADER, CALIBAN, OLD MAN'S CHILD etc.) and the album features a guest appearance by Fotis Bernardo (SEPTIC FLESH, ex-NIGHTRAGE) on the song Race You To Your Grave). All the drums have been recorded by Nick Mitsoglou, drummer of Greek cult act PARTHENOGENESIS.
I would not lie if I said that this band might enter my favorites in the near future. If they keep up like this, they will definitely climb higher in my favs list. Here is a friendly advice from me. If you have been a bit tired of waiting for DOWN to release their new album, Southwards will be something more than a good substitute. In fact, since I am a person that is not attracted by names, but by the result, I can tell you that POTERGEIST can easily compete the top acts of this genre! Buy or die!

4 Star Rating

Race You To Your Grave
Voodoo Mamma
Ride On
Sanify Your Life
Did My Time (Part 1)
Did My Time/Prophet (Part 2)
Desert's Heart
Alex S - Vocals
Jim Dragon - Guitar
Nick Christolis - Guitar
John Pasaklides - Bass
Bill Eternal - Drums
Record Label: Burning Star Records


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