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Poverty's No Crime - Save My Soul (CD)

Poverty's No Crime
Save My Soul
by Grigoris Chronis at 08 October 2007, 9:46 PM

The beating of a heart in the album's intro pre-trapped me with no reaction. I always believed POVERTY'S NO CRIME are one of the finest Prog Metal acts worldwide and - even if, yes, the band is recognizable among many 'thinking' metalheads - it's really a shame things have not turned out to be somehow equal in respect. Do you need sales to be happy? Possibly no, but you need sales to keep your mind tranquil in order to keep on producing as impressive music as in this year's Save My Soul.
Some historic facts: POVERTY'S NO CRIME hail from Germany (Niedersachsen). Founded in 1991 by Volker Walsemann (vocals/guitars), Marco Ahrens (guitars), Christian 'Ian' Scheele (bass), Marcello 'Cello' Maniscalco (keyboards) and Andreas Tegeler (drums), the intelligent quintet had so far delivered five albums - two during the 90s plus three more in the present decade. Maniscalco and Scheele are no longer in the band (they both departed prior to the recordings of 2002's One In A Million CD), plus - after 2003's The Chemical Chaos - there was a period of graven silence for POVERTY'S NO CRIME (rumors were centered across some illness of Walsemann). With the …Chemical album being the latest release, it was a nice surprise to see this German Prog Metal outfit back on the ring with nothing less than an impressive release.
Save My Soul has - as of now - been unleashed in the European market (France omitted) while the American continent will welcome it in the next couple of weeks. A skull on fire, spewing out of some serene sea and a pair of distinctive eyes are what you'll be served by the album's artwork. The package notifies you 'bout the majestic/artistic enchantment lurking inside. Nine songs, a duration of not less than 53 minutes and tons of charming riffs/leads/keys harmonies that will drive you nuts (as long as you're keen on non-exaggerating Prog Metal, of course).
POVERTY'S NO CRIME has a special 'plus' in their songwriting. They succeed that easily in putting so much melody and sweetness/calmness in their songs, while the structure remains accessible even if there's plenty of interludes and improvised instrumentation. On the other hand, Volker's singing is so 'pure' you can easily find yourself opening wide your ears to hear clearly what he (…lyrics…) has to say. His melodies in singing are rather diverse, while he competes to many established Metal frontmen the - rare - rimes he needs to use high-pitched stuff.
I consider POVERTY'S NO CRIME to feature great elements from band like IRON MAIDEN, PINK FLOYD, MARILLION, FATES WARNING and RUSH. Weird, huh? And the funny thing is they can reach the ears of even a 'mainstream' A.O.R. fan! Listen - if you are not familiar with the band's discography - to this latest release; Save My Soul can be considered (already?) as a top 'melodic' 00's Prog metal album. And it's just been released.

4 Star Rating

Open Your Eyes
Save My Soul
End In Sight
The Key To Creativity
In The Wait Loop
The Torture
From A Distance
Break The Spell
Volker Walsemann - Vocals, Guitar
Heiko Spaarmann - Bass
Marco Ahrens - Guitar
Andreas Tegeler - Drums
Jorg Springub - Keyboards
Record Label: Inside Out/SPV


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