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Power From Hell - Sadismo

Power From Hell
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 09 October 2016, 10:09 AM

One more time, the same thing must be said: the past holds no secrets, nothing more to be done that the giants haven’t done. Sorry, but what is done is done, and the vain tentative to emulate the 80s is just boring. That’s the feeling we all have when the Brazilian trio POWER FROM HELL is being heard. Their album “Sadismo” is just another recollection of all clichés from the first half of the 80s. Their musical style is just that proto version of what Thrash Metal and Black Metal were in the beginning. It’s just a Dolly clone from earlier works of VENOM, HELLHAMMER and VOIVOD, with the musical rawness from MOTORHEAD. The problem is not that it is something that isn’t new, but the lack of musical personality is really astonishing. Without it, it’s nothing that really can aggregate some value.

The album’s production was done by Sodomic, the band’s guitarist/vocalist. I feel that was really a mistake, because this raw sound is a feature from the past, not in the present. Obviously, if they wanted a rawer sound, it could be done with a better quality, and not as moldy as this one. The drums were played by the Balbonic Plague, a special guest, because the band hasn’t one drummer on it. But could he, an experienced musician, save this album? There are some little moments where good ideas appear, but aren’t enough. “Gaping Angels by the Power from Hell”, “Suicide Metal”, “Sacrifice” (by the blazes, even the name of a BATHORY song was copied. The energy is alright, but the sensation that I heard this before is really tormenting), “Pentagram Forces” (the MOTORHEAD’s scent is extremely clear, a carbon copy of it to be honest), and “This is my Bitch” shows some good moments, but the will to be a clone is stronger than anything, and kills their identity. Sorry, guys, but to use an old Metal style to create music doesn’t mean that you must copy what was already done, and in a better form. The famous saying “I don’t want to do anything new” doesn’t justify the lack of personality. Better luck next time, and remember: the 80s are over, so accept it and move forward.

Originality: 2
Songwriting: 5
Memorability: 7
Production: 3

2 Star Rating

1. Call Sluts (Intro)
2. Gaping Angels by the Power from Hell
3. The Black Funeral
4. Day of Lust
5. Suicide Metal
6. Sacrifice
7. Black Metal Gods
8. Pentagram Forces
9. More Whores
10. This is my Bitch
11. Diabolical Blues (Demo Version)
Sodomic - Vocals, guitars
Helltrucker - Bass
Record Label: Hell Headbangers Records


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