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Powergod - Long Live The Loud; That's Metal, Lesson II (CD)

Long Live The Loud; That's Metal, Lesson II
by Grigoris Chronis at 30 September 2005, 2:24 PM

It's times like this that I don't feel alone for still listening - and worshiping - all this 80's 'retro' Metal stuff that never made it as 'big' as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden or Metallica. I remember being kinda surprised with this crazy German act's Bleed For The Gods; That's Metal, Lesson I (2002) release; I would still like to know how much that album sold… However, after 3-4 years, a more 'obscure' compilation of cover versions comes up and I must decide whether I'm dreaming or not. It seems that Savage Grace, M.A.R.S., Nasty Savage and Q5 weren't enough…
Unfortunately, to chat on each of the original bands' contribution to the 'eternal book' of Heavy Metal music - so as to transfer knowledge to the 'unfamiliar' - would demand an extra webzine… Sorry! Move your ass and learn your lesson.
Fall Out/Long Live The Loud: Holy shit! Who dares play this sacred Exciter tune? A great choice for an opening track, the guys treated this hymn right. Fast as hell, Metal to the bone!
Screams From The Grave: Are we nuts? Abbatoir, in 2005??? Very good performance to this anthem track of one of the most unlucky bands of all time!
Mind Over Metal: A band considered to be a pioneer for what we once referred to as 'Speed Metal', N.W.o.B.H.M. heroes Raven must feel very proud for their harvest. John Gallagher handles the lead vocals here and I'm wondering what ever happened to that fuckin' time-machine…
Heavy Chains: Maybe the best Loudness tune of all time (NOT influenced by Manowar's similar-sounding Blood Of My Enemies). Niihara is on the vox and I feel that this version needed to offer something better (especially this monumental Akira Takasaki solo). Not bad, though…
Bombs Of Death: Gimme a break! Hirax? THE Hirax? Phewww… I need a cold beer now. Anyway, this excellent copy of an 1985 Speed/Thrash assault will leave your neck in solid pain.
Rocking Through The Night: I quit!!! I quit… Check for yourselves the bond between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal in this classic Rosy Vista tune, dating back to 1986. A great band, a first-class cover version. Andrea Schwarz and Anca Graterol featured.
I'd Rather Be Sleeping: You expect something different from the 1985 original? C'mon…
Ready To Rock: Another great cover, a tribute to the 'extreme' queen. Would you believe that the guys caught the track's 'magic'? I doubted before listening to this one, but now I simply applause.
Motormount: Yesterday I was informed that I'll see one of my all-time favorite acts perform live in two months from now, while today I hear this diabolic track being covered in the most respected way! Dip my wrench into your stench, and twist the nuts up tight (Lips in 198\[?] and Lips in 2005, again…)
Better Off Dead: A favorite track by the mighty Metal 'princess' Ann Boleyn. Heavy Metal the American way, and I think I have to 'dig' deep into lots of dusty stuff in my vinyl collection, to make the turntable needle 'feel' useful again.
Deathrider: Omen is a legend and Powergod do not tend to keep away from the original. Still, without Kimball this song - as, I'm afraid any Omen song - loses much of its beauty, even if sung by your 'whoever' favorite vocalist.
Total Desaster: Sorry, I didn't' like this one that much. Faster but not that 'evil', with some brutal vocals that I cannot understand. Schmier also sings in this one, 21 years after the original cut (obey!).
Cutt Your Heart Out: Where did THIS one come from? A great 'update' to this Rough Cutt gem, while my head explodes to the thought of what kind of bands a possible …Lesson III release might include.
The War Drags Ever On: Fall to your knees and bow to the phantom Ward! Maybe the best tune of this album (not speakin' 'bout the originals, of course). Powergod present their best - to my ears - approach and I would suggest you heard this version if you ever have this option. Tom Angelripper is also featured in this one and there's magic in the air…
You can't rate classics. You can't rate them, even if they are 'hidden' gems. Ex-Metal musician Lars Ulrich did this with the N.W.o.B.H.M. 'diamonds' 25 years ago and now swims in pools of champagne. You - on the other side - won't ever become as 'poser' as he is, so - at least - broaden your Metal knowledge by purchasing one album only (Ok, two if you get the …Lesson I album too). As for this poor editor: Long Live The Fuckin' Loud Metal Masters!

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Fall Out/Long Live The Loud (Exciter)
Screams From The Grave (Abattoir)
Mind Over Metal (Raven - John Gallagher on vocals & Hannes G. Laber Holzmann on lead guitar)
Heavy Chains (Loudness - Minoru Niihara on vocals & Rod Gonzales on lead guitar)
Bombs Of Death (Hirax)
Rocking Through The Night (Rosy Vista - Andrea Schwarz & Anca Graterol on vocals & lead guitar)
I'd Rather Be Sleeping (D.R.I.)
Ready To Rock (Wendy O'Williams)
Motormount (Anvil - Lips on vocals & lead guitar & Ferdy Doernberg on pedal steel guitar)
Better Off Dead (Hellion)
Deathrider (Omen)
Total Desaster (Destruction - Schmier on vocals)
Cutt Your Heart Out (Rough Cutt - Peter Fischeron lead guitar)
The War Drags Ever On (Tank - Tom Angelripper on vocals)
Hama Hart - Drums
President Evil - Vocals
Riff Randall - Guitars & Bass
Record Label: Massacre Records


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