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Powerhill - Bunnies & Eggs

Bunnies & Eggs
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 28 July 2022, 5:57 AM

There are many particular features into the blend of Heavy metal and Hard Rock done in European countries. The influences of NWOBHM are clear (and reminding that many bands of those days had clear traces of 70’s hard Rock), but the accessible melodic hooks are presented as well. The formula isn’t new at all, and many bands use it since the early days of the 80’s. And Switzerland gives birth to a band I such way: POWERHILL and the work can be heard on the EP “Bunnies & Eggs”.

This release could be faced as a mix of accessible Hard Rock and Sleazy Rock influences with some heavier touches inherited from traditional Heavy Metal (in the case of these guys, some touches from German Heavy Metal are clear). Plain and clean this way. But doesn’t get the wrong idea, because even not being something new and unexpected, it’s really very good, refreshing and sounds full of energy. Yes, one can deal with these songs easily, and will be singing them after the second hearing. Of one could think, the sonority of “Bunnies & Eggs” is clean and defined, allowing the arrangements and melodies to be understood fully. But pay attention that there are many ‘filthy’ and rough touches (as the AC/DC-like guitars on “We Step Aside”). It’s really a very good work, indeed.

A powerful and catchy Hard ‘n’ Heavy song is what can be heard on “Bunnies & Eggs”, with its very good accessible melodies (and what great chorus and vocals), followed by the accessible and tender “We Step Aside” (that brings back some resemblances with 80’s Hard Rock due its deeper moments, and the keyboards are really creating very good arrangements). Heavier and nasty is “Covid 20 (Pandemic on the Farm)”, with a solid rhythmic playing of bass guitar and drums; and the same elements can be heard on “We Want New Emotions” (that bears very good and heavy guitars). And the EP ends with the 80’s Hard/Glam feeling that fills “You’re Hated…”, and that’s hard to resist. These farmers of Hard ‘n’ Heavy will take you with “Bunnies & Eggs”. Be sure to hear POWERHILL, and be prepared to meet Clotilde (the cow, their mascot) on their shows.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Bunnies & Eggs
2. We Step Aside
3. Covid 20 (Pandemic on the Farm)
4. We Want New Emotions
5. You’re Hated…
Leandro Giacometti - Vocals
Cep - Guitars
Danilo Foresti - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Giorgio Albisetti - Bass
Veronica Torre - Drums, Backing Vocals
Clotilde - The “Mascot” Cow
Record Label: Independent


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