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PowerRide - Tribe

by Jojo Hamilton at 16 January 2020, 5:19 PM

POWERRIDE are a 5 piece band from Kristiansand, Norway. The band was formed in late 2008 and now they are reaching their 11th year. The band are mostly known for the cover song they perform. For their 10th anniversary, the band have written, recorded and produced a new album which is all their own songs they have written themselves. This is new and fresh for the band and is an experience they have not previously experienced and therefore must have been a bit of an adventure for the guys. POWERRIDE are known for playing a mixture of genres such as Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Melodic Rock which shows the diversity of the band and the adaptability of their playing style. They are fond of playing covers of 80’s songs which still appeal to the loyal & faithful fans from the 80’s generation and they play them well! Now the new & original album “Tribe” comes to us with 9 original songs that are various genres from Soft Rock to Heavy Metal, again showing the bands diversity. The band say their influences range from IRON MAIDEN to QUEENSRYCHE to JUDAS PRIEST. This gives a clue to the various styles to expect from POWERRIDE.

So lets take a walk through the new album and point out a few of the songs we have from the 9 tracks on the new album “Tribe.” The opening track is “Damn You” and it opens with a mash of drums and guitars giving way to to the vocal accompaniment. Its quite a fast song, one you can easily head bang to! “Tribe” is song number 3. It is the title track on the album. It's 4 minutes 13 seconds of Heavy Metal played and sung well. “Champion Of Your Dreams” is song number 4 and is a fine example to pick from “Tribe Of Everyone.” It’s quite the romantic song to be fair, easy paced but not quite as slow as a typical ballad. Another song I enjoyed on the album is “Don’t Dance With Fire.” It’s another slow paced song that’s easy to listen to and the lyrics are sweet to listen to. The melody of the song is one that you can enjoy while chilling out and it gives you the urge to learn the lyrics as it’s a catchy tune that makes you want to sing along! One more song to listen out for is the last song on the album which is “Kiss The Rainbow.” It opens with a the guitars, drums and vocals all coming in together in harmony. A song that lasts 5 minutes 13 seconds and has some fine guitar riffs throughout. There’s a slower section where we hear the very wise words “if you don’t try you will never know”. These are words to live by, and I actually do! These are just a few of the songs on “Tribe” but the whole album is well worth a listen.

Overall, I would say this is a good album. It’s got a lot of catchy songs to it & I would like to hear more songs written & performed by POWERRIDE, as they have written a good album and shown they are more than capable of creating their own music and not just being a cover band. They have created a good set of songs and the album has been well produced. Nothing to fault in the album, the songs are well written & performed, the amount of songs on the album gives the album a good length of listening time. I would say it’s definitely an album that fans of POWERRIDE should get stuck into as they won’t be disappointed! I hope we do hear more original works from the band in the future, we all like a well performed cover song but the band are obviously capable of a lot more and should consider expanding their repertoire. We shall see what the future brings, perhaps they will also expand their touring to include more & bigger venues.

Songwriting 8
Musicianship 8
Memorability 8
Production 9

4 Star Rating

1. Damn You!
2. King Of Shame
3. Tribe
4. Champion Of Dreams
5. Devil In The Deep Blue Sea
6. Vikings
7. Downward Spiral Blues
8. Don’t Dance With Fire
9. Kiss The Rainbow
Erik Bjorvand – Vocal
Harald Borgen – Guitar
Jarle Henriksen – Drums
Bengt Orstad – Bass
Anders Elle – Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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