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Powerstroke - In For A Penny, In For A Pound

In For A Penny, In For A Pound
by Fiona Murphy at 10 July 2014, 8:00 PM

Belgian’s POWERSTROKE basically sound like a huge barrel of groove laden fun on their third album In for a penny, In for a pound.

It’s actually quite difficult to pigeonhole them into a nice, neat genre. The band describe themselves as containing “influences of Rock, Metal, Stoner, Punk, Hardcore… all blended in one hell of a cocktail.”
Well, that’s pretty apt. I’ll raise a glass to that. Although I will say, God this band do remember the 80s. They’re not afraid to bring out the solos. And they do have shades of TESTAMENT in their riffs and their style.

The band’s name, although totally cheesy, does actually make sense when you start listening to them and fair play to them for going there. Their official bio on their website actually includes the line, “Keep on strokin’ the power!” Yeaaahh…
And they have song titles like “Until The Fat Lady Sings” and “The Queen of Mean! ” Yeah, they do!!

As you would expect, POWERSTROKE are loud, primal, fast, clichéd, powerful, groovy as f**k and most of all, they sound like they’re having a great time. It’s the soundtrack to stumbling from one seedy dive bar to the next leaving a trail of chaos.

The songs are horrendously catchy and instantly get stuck in your head. Singer Maarten Geeraert, despite being Belgian, does a pretty good Southern Rock voice too, which is actually pretty cool.

Not they sound like this band, but I also think they give someone like STEEL PANTHER a run for their money in having choruses you can instinctively chant along to, fist raised joyously in the air at the end of the night at a rock club when you’re royally pissed, stuck to the floor and ready to go home with just about anyone.

Alright that’s enough from me!!  Now, where’s my beer??? Keep on strokin’ the power!!!


3 Star Rating

1. Love To Hate
2. Face 2 Face
3. Until The Fat Lady Sings
4. Uncovered
5. Kickback
6. Just Sayin’
7. Thoughlove
8. Where My Heads Lies
9. Queen Of Mean
10. Doing Down In Style
Maarten Geeraerts –Lead Guitar, Backing Vocal
Frederiek Nuyt – Rhythm Guitars
Jannick Govaert - Drums
Jonathan Matthijs – Vocals, Bass
Record Label: Mighty Music


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