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Powertryp – Midnight Marauder Award winner

Midnight Marauder
by Metal Wim at 01 April 2022, 6:01 AM

Sometimes you are dealt with a very pleasant surprise, showing that the editors who distribute the albums amongst us, the plebs, know exactly what they are doing. In other words, they have sussed your tastes down as easily as Sherlock Holmes would solve a crime. In this case we are talking about POWERTRYP. They already have been around for some time, as they released their first demo “Endless Power” back in 2015. After listening to their debut album “Midnight Marauder” I can only conclude that these Bavarians from Erlangen in Germany have eluded me just too long. Because there’s no two ways about it; I love this! And it sounds as German as Scotch whisky tastes like lager. This is top rated US Metal in its purest form.

When the aggression  of “Brothers In Speed” starts it takes me back to the brilliant album of DR. MASTERMIND, where you had a musical mix of MOTÖRHEAD and SAXON with a guitar player in the style of YNGWIE MALMSTEEN. And it worked. POWERTRYP however use their guitar sounds in a lot more traditional way, which suits this music just fine. But the question that’s nagging me is what I should make of the way the singer sounds. He starts off suspiciously low, but keeps creeping up octave by octave, giving me the feeling I should know who he reminds me of. That will stay by me through the next two evenly pent-up songs “Doors Are Locked Now” and “By My Hand”. The power and the intensity is coming through my headphones and is just pounding into my ears.

It's only when “Bastet” comes on that everything starts to fall into place, as from that point on there is no denying that POWERTRYP has made the best follow up to the Q5 album “Steel The Light”, or if you will to the NIGHTSHADE album “Dead Of Night”. Johannes Korda actually sounds very familiar to Jonathan K. See, even the names come together. The music is set up just as they did, the riffs also are built up exactly as Q5 would write them. The voice really is the icing on the cake, as it compliments the US Metal perfectly and makes it all just like a dream come true.

From then on it is that combination of the bands DR. MASTERMIND and Q5 that make the music on “Midnight Marauder” come to life. And if that isn’t enough, the quality of the songs is so much above par, that I can only conclude that this is a masterpiece in the making. Well done POWERTRYP!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Brothers In Speed
2. Doors Are Locked Now
3. By My Hand
4. Bastet
5. Here's Control
6. Chapel Of Steel
7. Hotter Than Hellfire
8. Out Of Ashes
9. No Pride
10. Nail Your Prophet (CD Bonustrack)
Frank Prilipp - Bass
Michael Zerrath - Drums
Stefan Dziallas - Guitars
Johannes Korda - Vocals
Cole Stabler - Guitars
Record Label: Rafchild Records


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