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Powerworld - Human Parasite

Human Parasite
by Jonathan Maphet at 23 October 2010, 11:10 PM

With a name like POWERWORLD I can’t even begin to imagine what genre this will be. I am just joking. Obviously we have a Power Metal release here. POWERWORLD was founded by an ex-member of a band I really like, FREEDOM CALL. It is a shame he is no longer with them, but he seems to have done a good job venturing out on his own to form a new band. This is a really good album. It is exactly what the bio sheet says it is. A lot of so called “Power Metal” albums are Power Metal in name only. Not only did they get the genre right, they also picked a very appropriate name. The album starts off with a thundering double bass and some pinch harmonic squeals I could do without. That has to be the most over used trick in the book. Other than that it is perfect. As a matter of fact, I have permanently banned Zakk Wylde from my listening life forever because it’s all he knows how to do. There is some serious skill at work here. All the musicians come from already successful bands. No one involved here is an amateur, but it isn’t a project band either. I hope they continue to release albums for many years.

The harmony vocals are very good. The lead singer Andrew McDermott has a great voice for the genre, but at the same time, he isn’t limited in scope. He’s not just a high pitched screamer. He has a great range. The songs are catchy and memorable. Oftentimes I have to listen to an album many times before I can get a good enough grip on it to give a decent review. “Human Parasite” (the album) is so good; you should be able to remember it without having to be force fed a steady diet of it. I really like the guitar solos too. They don’t go overboard like DRAGONFORCE does. These solos fit the songs perfectly. The experience has really paid off in spades here. Fans of power metal should really have a ton of fun with this album. It was a pure joy to listen to repeatedly. The only thing I would change is the Zakk Wylde-type pinch harmonic squeals. They appear on more than just a couple of songs. I guess if I had not already had a negative bias against that technique, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it, but after a couple of decades of hearing my favorite Ozzy songs ruined by Zakk, I just can’t help but notice.

This has been quite a year for Power Metal releases that really kick serious ass. Once again, living in the USA has probably ruined whatever chance I may have had to see this band live. I can only imagine how awesome it would be to see such a professional band playing with fierce abandon. I believe you really owe it to yourself to check these guys out even if you only have the slightest of interest in this type of music. I believe they have some serious chances of being a cross over hit. You can’t miss with this one. This is their second album and I can’t wait to get my hands on their first one.I highly recommend this album. I look forward to what comes next from these very talented musicians.

4 Star Rating

  1. Cleansed By Fire
  2. Stand Up
  3. Evil In Me
  4. Time Will Change
  5. Human Parasite
  6. Hope
  7. East Comes To West
  8. Children Of The Future
  9. Caught In Your Web
  10. Tame Your Demons
  11. Might Of Secrets
  12. King for A Day
Andrew “Mac” McDermott – Vocals
Ilker Ersin – Bass
Nils Neumann – Keyboards
Barish Kepic – Guitars
Achim Keller – Drums
Record Label: SPV


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