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Praÿ – Hemerith

by Matt Bozenda at 05 February 2021, 10:11 PM

There are some snobs out there who are going to tell you that the best in Metal music is that of the distilled genre; Pure Black metal, Pure Doom, Pure whatever. Despite any appearances however Heavy Metal is an association, or rather an army, and no army was ever defined by a single unit. Black Thrash, Industrial Death, however you want to put those Metal legos together, there’s probably a band out there playing it, or trying to anyways.

In 2020’s waxing days, Lyon, France gifted the Metal masses with "Hemerith", a new two-track EP from the Stoner-Doom trio PRAŸ. The formula which worked rather effectively for their 2019 eponymous debut is not especially tinkered with; make instrumental songs hovering around the eleven to twelve minute mark, take the listener to space, and leave them there.

"Faithless Goddess" comes thundering in Heavy as you like, a departure from the easing into things we got to start the debut. The three most basic elements are practically dug up raw as guitar, bass, and drums seem to zigzag around each other in a cosmic mesh. Each musician gets a turn to shine, particularly during a dizzying stretch in the first few minutes. The remainder is a similar showcasing of talents, but whose intensity is less a bottle of whiskey and more of a glass bong. The last minute or so is especially enjoyable.

"Widow Of Light" leavens the pace a bit, but that doesn’t take the weights off. Weaving from a soaring Prog rhythm to the jarring Hard Rock drums which give accompaniment to a channeling of Dave Brockie’s guitar work early in the days of HAWKWIND is just the first half. The second continues the cycle in much the same way before leaving the listener, simply, adrift.

So, for only a pair of tracks, the listener still gets a solid twenty-four minutes of grand, professional, and at times, beautiful music. It may have issues finding an audience that isn’t looking for it, but for anyone in the know, "Hemerith" is a great EP for a quick smoke session, and PRAŸ has made a strong lead for themselves as they contemplate the next album. And you better believe Metal Temple will be there for it.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Faithless Goddess
2. Widow Of Light
Maud Gibbons – Guitars
Jason Rols – Bass
Antoine Berthet-Bondet – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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