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Praise The Flame - Profane Cult

Praise The Flame
Profane Cult
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 30 September 2013, 6:16 PM

Dark figures craving for the blasphemous underworld, letting their minds slip into trance before the coming of the dark lord of downstairs. As long as there are means of opposition, the cult will remain believing in its comfort zone, defying a set of rules commanded by the majority, spitting at its face time and time again. The Chilean underground desecrators, PRAISE THE FLAME, chose to direct their music way back into the past, right when the fixation against the common knowledge was beginning to thrive. Fulfilling the old testaments of raw 80’s period Thrash al’a KREATOR, SLAYER and SODOM, the band’s manifesto was tainted with the blackened acceleration of late 80’s deviants in the image of the Norse MAYHEM while pledging a minor profane Death Metal silhouette of MORBID ANGEL and POSSESSED. Establishing a position as yet another blackened Death / Thrash Metal venture, PRAISE THE FLAME issued their debut EP, “Profane Cut”, via Blood Harvest Records, tending to the rawness of their besmirched souls and mind. The cult is here and is forever to keep on.

As an old school Metal the decision to relive and era is in way a brave one to undertake. There hasn’t been a band, with solid thinking, that wanted to become exactly as its influence, the perfect copycat. I assume that in their own twisted way, PRAISE THE FLAME escaped that setback, but just a little bit. While being a toughened raw blister, “Profane Cut” contains astounding energies, storming through the fields with utter determination and the profound principle to create destruction and chaos in its vehement path. Possibly, this has been one of the album’s shortcomings. At times it felt like total chaos, just speeding away into oblivion, attempting to saturate the music’s simplicity with several different course sets that sometimes didn’t make any sense.

“Mayhemic Wrath of Glorior” felt like a distant version of “Pleasure To Kill”, a morbid Death / Thrash infestation, straightforward strike drenching with an over a minute of intro with the same main riff, which will also appear later on. I liked the vigorous nature of the track yet it felt a little monotone. Furthermore, the SLAYERish soloing sounds like a brawl, however, no harm done. “Doomed by Darkness” scattered itself into blackened dominions, somewhat more intelligent than the former, nonetheless darkened speed is still its main attribute. In overall, there aren’t too many changes, still bombing forward mercilessly, attaching a few decent riffing that haven’t been overly played. The addition of the UNLEASHED cover as a bonus by Blood Harvest was quite refreshing, possibly this cover, other than its raw recording, is PRAISE THE FLAME’s foremost delivery throughout this EP.

“Profane Cut” might have indulged old school trades, yet there is nothing too special about it. The trio of menace has a talent, at while playing; however the song structure’s aren’t over the top, even far from the top. Nevertheless, there is a potential to create something much penetrable with what they have.               

3 Star Rating

1. Perpetual Covenant (intro)
2. Mayhemic Wrath of Glorior
3. Endless Scourge
4. Doomed by Darkness
5. Path to Dark Despair
6. Outro
7. Before The Creation Of Time (Unleashed Cover)
JJ – Vocals / Guitars
Necroterror – Bass
Druaghonik – Drums
Record Label: Blood Harvest Records


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