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Praise The Sun – The Proffer of Light

Praise The Sun
The Proffer of Light
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 16 September 2022, 11:24 AM

PRAISE THE SUN formed in 2019 in Warsaw, Poland. A band performing music from the broadly defined Death Metal and Metalcore. In 2020 they presented their first work, releasing the EP "The Art of Agony,” while in 2021 they did not slow down and started working on the second part of the material, promoting it with the single "Echoes of Pompeii," which opened a new chapter of the band's work. The new album contains eleven songs.

“The Curtain of Life” is the first cut. It’s a heavy, chugging number with both clean and harsh vocals, sung by Marcelina Janik.” The music is pretty cut and dry, and could use some updating, but it wasn’t a bad listen. “The Art of Agony” is another intense burner with harsh vocals in the verses, and cleans in the chorus with a little texture from some background elements. “Echoes of Pompeii” is the first single released ahead of the album. The vocals are smooth as butter at first, with some harmonies, but later turn harsh as the slow, grinding pace furthers. The music has a sad tone to it, which makes sense, since the volcano Pompeii destroyed many lives.

“Mistaken Daughter” is another heavy song with a faster pace, but the riffs are old and have been used many times before. The music has an Alternative tinge to it as well. The title track is another mid-tempo song with largely uninspired riffing. So far, the vocals are the best part of the album, but they cannot carry the sound the whole way through. “The One” is a little more interesting in the riff department, and the backing elements are also pretty thorough. The song has potential but falls short in the end. “The Art of Harmony” is another song plagued with overly simple riffs. They are some harmonics going on, but they are not enough to life the song and make it rise up. At times, it seems the band is more interested in a depressive sound, but that is dashed by the anger in the vocals. “Metalheads” closes the album. Unfortunately, it’s a lot like the others. Many new bands have the heavy part of the genre down, and that is the easy part. The harder part is pushing the band into new horizons, but if they want to be remembered, that is what they have to do.

As I mentioned, the best part of the album is the vocalist. Her harsh vocals are very deep and engrossing, and her cleans on the other hand are more mellow and welcoming. Now, the rest of the band has to play catch-up, as an album cannot be carried by vocals alone. They need the most work on diversifying their riffs, as they are pretty elementary. But, it’s their debut full-length, and if they can work on these things, they seem to have all of the other elements in place.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 3
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. The Curtain of Life
2. The Art of Agony
3. Echoes of Pompeii
4. Alive
5. Mistaken Daughter
6. Praise the Sun
7. Anna
8. The One
9. Eternal Dreams
10. The Art of Harmony
11. Metalheads
Marcelina Janik – Vocals
Mateusz Zarczuk – Guitars
Daniel Kowalski – Guitars
Konrad Romanowski – Bass
Wojciech Mroziński – Drums
Record Label: Art of the Night Productions


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