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Pray For Sound - Dreamer

Pray For Sound
by MarcusTheRocker at 07 June 2015, 10:02 PM

Back in February this year, I received a promo for a musical project called TBP and it was while researching them that I discovered something truly amazing, which made me fall in love with music even more. In essence, the main brain behind the band was diagnosed with a severe condition that slowly deteriorated his muscles preventing him from doing what he loved which was composing and playing music. This did not stop him though as thanks the power of friendship and technology, he was still able to express his feelings, emotions and indeed his love for music in the album he and his friends wrote and that is something I really liked and found a joy to listen to.

The reason I bring that up is because the band featured in this review feature a member who has unfortunately gone through a similar problem. The project entitled PRAY FOR SOUND is founded by Bruce Malley, who originally started the band off as just a solo project back in 2011. In the earlier stages of his life however, doctors found a rather nasty cyst growing inside his left ear that is known as a cholesteatoma.

Despite having surgery to get rid of it as well as reconstruction of his ear, Bruce was left with tinnitus and severe hearing loss as well as continual pain. Do you think this stopped him though? Of course it didn’t as Bruce still composed and played music despite the damage that was done to his left ear by the cyst. After the release of the first PRAY FOR SOUND album in 2012, a few more members were brought into the mix to add a bit of extra uniqueness to Bruce’s compositions.

After a few tours and several songwriting sessions, the band’s latest album “Dreamer” is yet another example of what you can do when musicians come together for a good cause which in this case is helping their founding member to compose and perform music without letting anything stop them from doing so.

Clocking in at around 33 minutes across 7 tracks, the new PRAY FOR SOUND album is a purely instrumental based release featuring some new keyboard and synth sound experimentations as well as adding in some vocals, viola and violin to the mix too. One thing that I was hoping this album would do was to remind me of the amazing feeling I felt when I listened to the TBP album as the united hearts of the musicians involved in that project resonated strongly to write some amazing music.

I am very happy to say that it is exactly the same here as the musical compositions are very well done. The main theme behind each track is to represent a different state of dreams hence the titles of each song. I may not be an expert on sleep patterns or indeed dreams themselves but if I was one, I would say that each song seems to represent each state of dreaming brilliantly.

Starting off with the soft and mellow “Sleeper”, this one song alone could relate to the state the human mind is in when we first close our eyes to sleep each night as our mind slowly begins to relax allowing us to envision dreams in our mind by going through several phases or dream states. The remainder of the songs on this album seem to capture that perfectly almost as if the band members have carefully monitored their sleep patterns or remembered the things they dreamed about in order to get inspiration for the songs on this album.

Whatever the reasons behind it may be, each of the songs has some amazing compositions that are beautiful and extremely well put together. From the excellent riffs of the second track “Decayer”, to the short but sweet halfway point title track “Dreamer” to the haunting closing number “Day Bringer”, each song on this album is yet another example of what can be done when musicians unite together for a good cause

Before you know it, you too will probably be thinking about your dreams each night, waking up each morning, thinking about what you dreamed the night before and then listening to this album to see if any of the melodies can match or relate to the state your mind was in the night before which it more then likely will.

Anything I’m unsure about in this release? Not really anything majorly serious as yes a couple of the songs are quite slow paced, most notably the opening and closing tracks but the lengths of each song are just right as they’re not too long and not too boring either as the compositional arrangements of each one is done just right so you will be able to enjoy every minute.

Bottom line, “Dreamer” by PRAY FOR SOUND does indeed remind me of the things that I felt when I reviewed the TBP “Musical Colours” album back in February of this year and the amazing compositional arrangements featured on the songs, remind me of why I love music and so much more as music is a very powerful tool that can be used to express a persons feelings and that is exactly the impressions you get here with this release as you can sense some real powerful feelings and emotions in the music. An absolute must have to any music fans collection.

4 Star Rating

1. Sleeper
2. Decayer
3. Sonder
4. Dreamer
5. Conceiver
6. Mourner
7. Day Bringer
Bruce Malley
Chris LaRocque
Nick Stewart
Joe Aylward
Steve Aliperta
Theresa Cleary and Kendall Di Tommaso - Additional Vocals on “Mourner” and
Day Bringer
Theresa Cleary - Violin and viola on “Sleeper”, “Decayer” and “Mourner
Record Label: Science of Silence Records


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