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Prayer - Danger In The Dark

Danger In The Dark
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 02 July 2012, 2:46 PM

I don't really know if I should call this a revival, but I think that in a slow pattern the AOR subgenre has been making an effort to make a comeback. It might never be the golden and pure years of the 80s decade but it is close enough. Usually spread out with Hard Rock, whether modern or vintage, this style survived two rough eras where it nearly diminished. AOR / Hard Rock from Finland, after have been listening to a fair share of bands over the years, seemed to have been using the American edge along with the scene's mutual bleakness. However, those pretty much came out as fine results. The local PRAYER, which I found out to be as a rather veteran group, has elegantly been playing the genre by the book, particularly with the layer of keyboards and the fondling of mushy lyrics. "Danger In The Dark", via Escape Music, is their second album to date after nearly seven years without an official studio word. I had no recollection of their debut so this one was my first time with them.

Cheesy is certainly not the right word to describe this band's approach. Even if their themes are the usual Love and all that relationship stuff mambo jumbo, it wasn't overly done on this album. Luckily for me as I distaste cheesiness. The predominant factors that elevated this material are mainly the guitars. The lead work provides several of kick ass solos that will probably sound a little above your ordinary AOR malediction. In addition there are also amazing harmonies of 80s nature with a little heavier flavor in the vein of old British Metal mixed with a BON JOVI insight. I liked the vocals as well as the line surged beyond the normality of AOR vocalists with a twist a lemon. I didn't expect much out of the rhythms, there is nothing too special about them yet "Get What I Came For" presented PRAYER in a different light, coming down with 70s oriented riffing and a cool atmosphere, this track emerges as a wonderful abnormality.

In general the material on the album like "Danger In The Dark", "Another Fool", "It's Not The End" and "Never Let Your Dreams Die", are fine pieces of well played music. However, it came to my attention that nearly every song came as a sort of a reprise to the other this making the songs less special. I can't say inventive because nothing here aimed to change anything. "Danger In The Dark" is a cool album sending the usual message of optimism towards all that is connected to the Love theme. It might sour for some of you, but I assure you that the music will do the trick and the talking. 

3 Star Rating

1. Danger In The Dark
2. Nobody Loves You
3. KP
4. Get What I Came For
5. Another Fool
6. Never Let Your Dreams Die
7. Heart Wants You To Rock
8. Livin´ Ain´t  Livin´
9. I ´m Back
10. It´s Not The End    
Jukka Ihme- Lead / Rhythm Guitar
Mika Pohjola– Bass / Keyboards
Matti Torro- Drums
Tapani Tikkanen– Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar / Percussion
Valtteri Tikkanen– Rhythm Guitar / Keyboards
Record Label: Escape Music


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