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Prayers Of Sanity – Doctrine Of Misanthropy

Prayers Of Sanity
Doctrine Of Misanthropy
by Quinten Serna at 24 August 2021, 6:22 AM

A caustic clever culling of the meek Doctrine of Misanthropy pulls no punches in its subjects or in its performance instead opting for an uncensored unabated Thrash Metal vehicle to drill in every ounce of manifested polemical slight. The 4th full release in PRAYERS OF SANITY’S discography this album serves credence as the band’s continuous pursuits in criticizing weaknesses and making head banging music.

The album opens upon its title track, “Doctrines Of Misanthropy,” that which begins in a cacophony of feedback and overtimes then lends itself towards a jarring progression signature to the genre before diverting near entirely for a simpler verse that grows in complexity foreboding the more intensive elements of the pre-chorus once more juxtaposed this time by the chorus. The constant shifting tones create a greater sense of unease and tension bringing attention center to the track leading the album. “Sons Of Royal Blood” on the other hand contains a simple main riff with a less-than simple verse which segues a pulsating chorus whose end transitions into a devious and destructive break.

V” marks the center of the album and serves as a small interlude giving the listener pause to catch their breath and refocus their thoughts, the ending tape loop and how pronounced the bass is throughout indicate that this sensation is but a fleeting moment within the extent of the LP as, “We Are Built To Suffer” begins immediately hereafter. The longest track on the album contains about itself a velocity and a force built upon repetition and insistence, the unrelenting ebb of drums and riffs hammer themselves constantly as a smith tempering a great work so too is the band in their approach only taking heed for the break which is soon enough overtaken by a stunning solo with the band digressing a bit only to be routed back to verse and chorus.

The guitars are performed in near perfect opposition of one another creating a grand space for them to exist as pairs within building upon one another in overdriven despair. The bass is solid, centered, discrete, and somehow off-putting having a sort of over-produced or artificial sound, but in any course fits in well with the rest of the instrumentation. The drums are solid, form-fitting, and power driven to no end constantly drawing attention to themselves as well as providing a basis for the rest of the band to work around. The vocals never dither or dip, constantly barreling without refrain or remorse denigrating as much as they inspire.

The whole of the album seethes with ire fueled by indignation casting light on darker themes made eternal by heavy voicings and even heavier instruments. For anyone with a penchant towards Thrash or upset at the injustice in the world Doctrine Of Misanthropy would make a great addition to their album collection.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Doctrine Of Misanthropy
2. Sons Of Royal Blood
3. Hide Your Hate
4. Abomination
5. V
6. We Are Built To Suffer
7. Path Of Sin
8. Destination: Hell
Carlos – Bass
Artur – Drums
Tiao – Guitars and Vocals
Record Label: Rastilho Records


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