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Pre-Human Vaults - Allegiance Divine Award winner

Pre-Human Vaults
Allegiance Divine
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 03 August 2022, 1:44 PM

There are moments in Metal’s history when things seem to be anxiously waiting for a level shift. Today, the old and the new coexist on a non-harmonic form, because old Metalheads refuse to recognize the value of the new tendencies, saying that ‘the past was better’ (the typical form of thinking that leads one to vote on fascists), trying to stop what’s unstoppable: the evolution. The best thing to do is: if you don’t like something, leave it aside for one that can like, and try to shut the fuck up, because words can cause great damage. And listening to “Allegiance Divine”, this 4-tracks EP of PRE-HUMAN VAULTS (the band’s first release), one can have the idea of how the modern and the old can live hand in hand, without conflicts.

The band has a modern Thrash Metal appeal with some modern Death Metal influences (as some blast beats that can be heard on “Close to All, Next to Nothing”), but with many moments with clear modern elements (the Groove presented in some songs supports such vision). One can say that there are influences of SEPULTURA on “Chaos A.D.” age on some parts, THE HAUNTED on others moments, other will check influences of acts as MESSHUGAH, and others. The best thing to do: to take a bit on this massive piece of aggressive music, taste its energy and enjoy. Oh, by the way, on the band, members (or former members) of acts as SOLUTION .45, MESHUGGAH, SCAR SYMMETRY, BLACK PLAGUE, and others. The production worked in a way that exacerbates the modern musical violence unleashed by the band, but with everything defined on its due places. It’s the right sound quality for making ears bleed, because things are really done near perfection.

Many musical hooks can be heard on “Whirlwind Reaper”, a song with many Death Metal and Modern Metal influences permeating it, and what massive guitars. On “Close to All, Next to Nothing”, one can check the Thrash Metal vibe of the band on the arrangements and guitar solos, and what ferocious vocals are presented (and pay attention to some blast beats). The Modern Thrash Metal appeal of “When the Trap is Set” is in evidence, but pay attention to some parts filled with melancholic Groove (with bass guitar and drums making an excellent work). And “Shadow .44” is a manic mix between Thrash Metal influences with Death Metal energy, and what great keyboards parts appear in some moments.

What “Allegiance Divine” shows is a band that could release a full album, because PRE-HUMAN VAULTS presented a lovely release. Let’s hope that they’ll come back as soon as possible.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Whirlwind Reaper
2. Close to All, Next to Nothing
3. When the Trap is Set
4. Shadow .44
Christian Älvestam - Vocals
Ronnie Björnström - Guitars
Patrik Gardberg - Guitars
Peter Nordin - Bass
Michael Gomez - Drums
Record Label: Discouraged Records


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