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Precaria - Precaria Ex Humanitas Award winner

Precaria Ex Humanitas
by Paulomaniaco at 24 February 2015, 6:16 PM

Imagine yourself living in the poorest degree within the society, facing misery and the lowest level of life conditions with everything it involves and dealing with constant violence and having to struggle to prevail, that is what inspired Hermit Ov Tehom to create PRECARIA ,an Orthodox Black Metal band from Mexico and that is what PRECARIA means.
PRECARIA as a concept came to life in 2004 but never played live or recorded anything due to some differences with the drummer and hard life conditions. In 2010  Opposus Discordia joined the band and they begun to play live shows and record in studio. In 2013 they unleashed upon us an unreleased and old material in cassette format containing four songs, the Demo had thirty minutes in length and an unique sounding and style.

After that PRECARIA quickly returned with a killer album entitled "Precaria Ex Humanitas" released in 2014 and the style remained the same and additionally mixing various elements sounding brutal, dark and melodically evil, I must take my hat off to Hermit Ov Tehom. I mean, having this kind of  Black Metal band in a country that is plagued by Christianity and ruled by corrupted government is not an easy task."Precaria Ex Humanitas" is a unique album, one man behind it all, gathering his ideas and feelings and standing away from all rubbish that plagues his amazing country, the whole album is sung in Spanish and that makes it even more interesting indeed, lovers of true Black Metal will love this album, even if they don't understand the language but the concept and the Black Soul is there, evil to the core.

"Traficando Los organos De La Igresia" opens the gate of hell, that song reflects very well what the church really means and do to mankind, musically is very good, sharp guitars and Hermit Ov Tehom managed to add lots of variation to the song, also excellent drumming by Opposus Discordia and the vocals are just great, screaming from the guts and ripping flesh away.

"Para Muchos Pobreza, Para Pocos Sabiduria" starts off slow with melodic guitars and then it blows in your face, great riffs and the low key sounding is very good, it creates a dark atmosphere, sharp solos all over, almost ten minutes of mayhem where you have a bit of everything, very interesting indeed and angry too. PRECARIA have for sure done everything right with this album, at times I can hear a touch of Death Metal along the songs which makes it even more interesting, I think fans of BRUJERIA will enjoy "Precaria Ex Humanitas"

The third track "Estupro A La Conciencia" offers good combinations of fast-paced and slow-paced passages maintaining heaviness, totally insane vocals and the atmosphere is a complete soul rape, this is a killer album, the more I listen to it the crazier it gets. "Evangeliza Con Veneno Nihilista" sounds like an evil mass, awesome arrangements, very catching and fucking heavy.

This album closes with golden keys with the last pair of songs,"Corrupcion Como Primordial Obligacion" and "Violencia Como Pan De Cada Dia" two classics and  the latter one dealing with a theme that is part of Mexican's everyday life where they have to live with violence and can't do nothing about it, while people pray to an invisible God waiting to stop this and the death toll only rises.

"Precaria Ex Humanitas" is an album that is true to its roots and it is here to make an impact and to stay, the production is excellent, I like it a lot, as I said before it has an unique sounding and style, it is raw and pure Black Metal and the front cover artwork is such a masterpiece, a vision of a holy temple destroyed and its followers hanging from their necks, interpreted ingeniously by Antithesis Of Cold Poison, excellent work. PRECARIA is currently working on their new album coming out soon, Hell on Earth again!!!

5 Star Rating

1. Traficando Los Organos De Iglesia (Trafficking The church's Organs)
2. Para Muchos Pobreza, Para Pocos Sabiduria (For Many, Poverty, For A Few, Wisdom)
3. Estupro A La Conciencia (Rape Of The Conscience)
4. Evangeliza Con  Veneno Nihilista (Evangelize With Nihilistic Venom)
5. Corrupcion Como Primordial Obligacion (Corruption As Primordial Obligation)
6. Violencia Como Pan De Cada Dia (Violence As Our Daily Bread)
 Hermit Ov Tehom - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Opposus Discordia - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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