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Predictor – [-…thus Spoke Death-]

[-…thus Spoke Death-]
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 31 December 2021, 10:57 AM

Hailing from Germany and formed in 2019, PREDICTOR are a duo of drummer Cryptic Tormentor and vocalist/guitarist Lord Noctifer. While brand-new in name, PREDICTOR is most definitely OLD in their style of black metal. They proved as much with their Demo 2020 and prove it yet further with the five-song/20-minute …”thus spoke death.” The album contains five tracks.

\[ - Path to Megiddo Pt. 2 - ] leads off the album. It begins with overly treble music with no discernable bottom end. The production is absolutely horrible. The song isn’t much better. Yeah, this is old school Black Metal, and everything that comes with that name. “\[ - Black Altar - ]” isn’t much better. I can’t believe this band has a record contract, but no offense, Iron Bonehead Productions would sign just about anyone. The musicianship is at least decent, but they aren’t winning any awards for their originality.

“\[ - Vanquished Decay - ]” is another horrible song of treble dialed up to 10 with bass dialed back to near zero. Though the music is harrowing, it is horribly unoriginal as well as performed. “\[ - Infernal Goat Squadron - ]” makes about as much sense as the title of the song. C’mon guys, this has to be a joke, right? If not, the joke is on you and me, as well as all the edgy teenagers who actually think that they like this music. Sorry, but this barely qualifies as such. “\[ - Ave Master Lucifier - ]” closes the album, and thank God. Unfortunately, it is more hot garbage.

I was assigned a string of Black Metal reviews recently…a style which I like but I cannot stand the bands who refuse to grow from the early annals of the genre. This album stands for every sense of that definition. The band can barely hold their instruments, much less play them with any sort of conviction. I apologize for being so harsh, but this was just awful music.

Songwriting: 1
Musicianship: 1
Memorability: 1
Production: 3

0 Star Rating

1. \[ - Path to Megiddo Pt. 2 - ]
2. \[ - Black Altar - ]
3. \[ - Vanquished Decay - ]
4. \[ - Infernal Goat Squadron (Remake) - ]
5. \[ - Ave Master Lucifer (Besatt Cover) - ]
Lord Noctifer – Guitars & Vocals
Cryptic Tormentor – Drums
Record Label: Iron Bonehead Productions


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