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Premature Birth - A Ceremony Of Power Award winner

Premature Birth
A Ceremony Of Power
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 21 July 2014, 3:19 PM

"KILL YOURSELF!!!!" is the first thing you'll here when you listen to Premature Birth's "A Ceremony Of Power," well that and then some over the top blastbeats with barely audible guitar and bass underneath in typical Black Metal fashion. Also in typical Black Metal fashion, this EP only being four songs long is still as long as any SKELETONWITCH album spanning is at a bit over half an hour.

Without doing a track by track here's what's going on, "A Ceremony Of Power" is old school raw Black Metal, with vocals that you can barely understand, and an atmosphere that'll make you feel just how they want you to feel. Driving the feeling home with blastbeats from hell it'll be a release for any and all Black Metal fans. "Watching The World Crumble" is the ace for this EP, a whopping 10 minute song that gives you every example that Black Metal has from blastbeats to slow atmospheric sections, and from blistering guitars to crazy vocals. Also as a side note the album cover is awesome. "A Ceremony Of Power" closes out the album, and this song is straight power, being the closing song it better be. Black Metal is driven home right here and if you're not banging your head yet you will here guaranteed with the riffs and drum beats implemented as a last resort to make you love this release, not to mention the chorus sounds like a satanic chant, maybe if we all play is album at the same time Satan will rise? Wouldn't surprise me if any band could do it, this is that band.

Premature Birth dominate with this incredible Black Metal release, sure beats "RIITIIR" this is the most I've enjoyed a Black Metal release ever, for any fan or Black or Extreme Metal this is a must for your collection!

5 Star Rating

1. Revelations
2. Watching The World Crumble
3. War Against The Filth
4. A Ceremony Of Power
Dev Gohil - Guitar, Vocals
Simon McAuliffe - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Billy O'Neill - Guitar
Adam Lewis - Drums
Vicki Thompson - Keyboards
Record Label: Independent


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