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President Evil - Hell In A Box (CD)

President Evil
Hell In A Box
by Grigoris Chronis at 03 February 2008, 8:45 PM

PRESIDENT EVIL = Rock 'N' Roll + Fuzzy Thrash + New/Stoner (not Nu) Metal. The review could have stopped right here, but then there'd be no real reason to write more than a couple of line for the upcoming (whenever) AC/DC album. Nonetheless, dunno if PRESIDENT EVIL can put all hell in one box, but definitely they will attract a certain amount of 'fresh' metalrollers to their likes.
There's been lots of chattin' as regards if and how Metal music should be modern-ized with alien (or not?) influences embodied within the songwriting and/or production. Bremen, Germany offers quite an attraction, with PRESIDENT EVIL shaping up their musical beliefs back in 2003. With a title like Trash 'N' Roll Asshole Show (2006), it would be a real interest for some lunatic motherfucker to check the band's normal debut album, while the combination of weed/anti-Christian/'booze' explosives lyrics themes should of course draw your interest, bearing in mind you have not such an experience in 'classic' Metal music's beliefs (hence, there are more brief examples back there for anti-conformism at first sight).
Trash N Roll may that be? Partially, yeap. There's lots of Stoner stuff in there, with similar quantities diving in the MOTORHEAD melodies (sic) as regards the guitars/bass sound, while the whole production falls in the hands of Guido Lucas (BLACKMAIL, SMOKE BLOW). Fuzzy mania all around; the KYUSS, PANTERA, (samples of) BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and (even) TURBONEGRO 'shadows' flow all over the place, in a set of interesting (but with none of them being outstanding) cuts. Singer Johhny Holze sings his guts out, with much of 'stoned' aggression and less of fascinating knack. He even reminded me of a more 'distorted' NWOAHM version of Tom Araya at times…
A mere album for the new generation. An interesting one, I'd add. Jesus Factor Negative, King Asshole, Hell In A Box or Return Of The Speed Cowboys will please interested in all-that's-New-Metal, no questions asked. Some fresh air still comes from Bremen, Germany…

3 Star Rating

Viva La Muerta
Jesus Factor Negative
Hell In A Box
White Fire
King Asshole
The Anti Loser
Bring Out Your Dead
The Return Of The Speed Cowboys
One Brain Army
New Junk City
Johnny Holze - Vocals
Ace Renner - Guitars
James Lars - Guitars
Godspeed Topf - Bass
Diamond Dennis - Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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