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Pressure - In Dark Hearts we Trust Award winner

In Dark Hearts we Trust
by Laura Glover at 07 June 2022, 5:49 AM

During my time as a writer for the great, wide world of metal and rock; I run across many bands. Some stand out, some blend in. When a band stands out, it is usually for different reasons. Some bands stand out because they made a unique sound. Some stand out because the people who comprise the list of members are stellar people. Some stand out because of the poetic concepts they write and sing about. Some stand out because…well, everything they do. Today I would like to introduce you to one such band. It is with my deepest regards that I get to introduce you to the band, PRESSURE! This band has a personal place in my heart. As I met them through my own journeys into this world of music; and connected in a very unexpected way! Through my own love of the artistic use of makeup and colors, I connected with Simon “Siirpo” Forsell over an idea I had at the time, one that has yet to pan out. But Simon was one of my biggest fans for my idea and further for my writing as well. As a random writer from the great state of Montana, USA, more accurately, as an unknown voice in this world; it is humbling to me to consider that I have fans. So, I write from this absolutely wonderful place of vast respect for this band as a whole. It is so rare to meet someone, let alone a group who grabs onto you and keeps you along with them for the ride.

So, let’s talk about who PRESSURE is. They are a Melodic Rock/Metal Band, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. A stunning band who writes from the heart, lyrics that we can all relate to. They are a band who integrates pieces of all of us in itself, powerful and enticing you to get lost in their lyrical prowess and upbeat instrumentals. So much of the world of heavier music is about our feelings. In a world that commonly mislabels harder music as “violent”, when truly most of what we “metalheads” and “rockers” listen for is that connection with our emotions and catharsis as a result. “In Dark Heart We Trust” is the newest release by this awesome band, released on June 3, 2022. This is the second album released and PRESSURE has been on the scene making music since 2018. The band was born when Emil signed up as a guitar student of Simon’s. PRESSURE produces what they call “story metal”, which is music based upon real life experiences. “In Dark Heart We Trust” has a sound that combines several kinds of sounds, but what stands out to me the most is the lush 80’s rock vibes I get. Olli Violet has some SERIOUS Joan Jett vibes in her vocal stye!  I invite you, dear readers, to take the time to read the lyrics of “In Dark Heart We Trust”; especially the 14th track, “In Dark Heart We Trust (The Story)”. You will see how deftly written as a storyline this album is, as very intricately PRESSURE leads you through the maze of emotions it laid out for you. I will try my absolute best in a short amount of space to do justice in describing this artful masterpiece.

Pressure” - A song that speaks about the pressures of the world around us and the need to scream into the void and hope, somehow, to be heard. Yet, in spite wanting to quit, we shouldn’t. Life is hard but we aren’t alone, even when we feel most alone. A message we all need to hear at times, set to a catchy beat. Showcasing that touch of 80’s hard rock vibes, but modernized to be a bit harder instrumentally. “Behind Closed Doors” - A moving song touching on a very hard topic. An unhealthy relationship, the manipulation and conditioning of being abused. In this story the victim is “she”, however, in writing I would like to acknowledge that the roles in this story can and have been reversed. In other words. Far too many of us know exactly what this song is about. How the world can see your abuser as an amazing person because they can paint that picture. Yet, the simplest perceived “mistake” made by the victim…behind closed doors…can cause one to be abused in ways there might not be physical wounds to show for. This dynamic can be present in any kind of relationship. From a friendship, relative, or lover. This dynamic does not care what gender you are. But we must be able to see clearly who we keep company with or risk all this pain.  “Barbed Wire Love” - The twisted dance of a toxic love. Like a drug running through your veins, making you forget reason and logic. Marrying you to that dance of the highs and lows. After all, isn’t that part intoxicating in its own way? Like heroin, not at all good for you; yet you keep coming back to ride that wave. All while wondering if this will be the death of you someday. “Barbed wire love is what I need don’t you see/ Barbed wire love not too soft I want to bleed.”

Madecine - On Shot of Love” - When lovers first meet, and that spark flies; your pulse quickens and you want more. To take that shot, or no? Risk failure? Or blissfully succeed? One shot to find out, to come together as if stars colliding. Sometimes, love is “like sand in water you cannot hold on”. We will always crave those first sparks though. What a rush! “Am I Too Old” - Years come and go in the blink of an eye and every once in a while, we get the chance to pause and look back and self-reflect. What actions should we have taken, but didn’t because we were afraid? Afraid of failure? Or even, on a deeper level, afraid of success. We wonder if we are too old to do the things we wished we had? As well as wondering if we should keep trying to move forward when we feel we are moving backwards. “Air of Freedom” - Heavy with the great burden of regret, and “the worlds mess”; heady with whiskey and cigarettes. The end is not now, but our character just needs more time to compartmentalize all this pain. Morning will come, and with it the sun and a new day. Until then, thoughts chase and ensnare in melancholy.

In “In Dark Heart We Trust”, each song is a piece of the story. But tied together in a way with track 14 that so neatly packages this whole thing up. This album is more of an experience than it is a thing you listen to. As an experience, it is written in a way that so many of us will relate to it in slightly different ways. As I said earlier in this article, how many of us have had bad relationships? Whatever kind of relationship that was, or how different the bad part looked. So, in listening to “In Dark Heart We Trust”, implore you to dive deep and feel it.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Pressure
2. Is This Who You Are
3. Behind Closed Doors
4. Get A Real Job
5. Angel of Lightning
6. Hunter or Prey
7. Barb Wire Love
8. Just Undress
9. Medicine – One Shot of Love
10. Am I Too Old
11. Do You Really Know My Name
12. No More Promises ti Break
13. Air of Freedom
14. In a Dark Heart We Trust (The Story)
Simon “Siirpo” Forsell – Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals, and Drums
Emil Sailing – Guitars
Olof Jönsson - Male Vocals
Olli Violet – Female Vocals
Ignacio Arrúa - Bass
Record Label: Xing Records


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